Fashion faux pas - we've all had at least one.

In every wardrobe there's a garish shirt, ugly pair of shoes or indecently tight pair of jeans that we've regretted buying before even leaving the shop.

For one Valleys father and son, however, one sartorial shocker proved too much of a temptation to resist.

Because when 35-year-old machinery operator Luke Maddy from Aberdare spotted an online advert for's range of men's short legged denim dungarees he knew he had to get himself a pair.

Described by its manufacturer as 'laid-back yet fashionable', Luke also ordered a second batch for his dad Mick, somehow persuading the 64-year-old open cast mine worker to join him for an impromptu front room photo shoot.

"What can I say? Those abominations just popped up on my Facebook time line one day," said Luke.

"God knows why, because I don't reckon I've expressed a preference for dungarees since I was about three."

Fashionistas - Luke and Mick Maddy

"I half expected some nappies and a dummy to come with them as part of the order.

"Honestly, I thought they were the most ridiculous things I'd ever seen - made worse by the fact the bloke modelling them has tried desperately to give it his best 'Blue Steel' pout.

"All I could think though was if someone walked into the local Wetherspoon's wearing those they'd last about two minutes before being laughed back out the door."

Currently on furlough from work, Luke admits his decision to don the dungarees with his dad and then post the results on social media had been something to do with having too much free time to himself for once.

"What's that expression -  the devil makes work for idle hands?" he laughed.

"It's true, I was bored and thought it would be funny. And I was right.

"Amazingly, Dad was up for it too  - he loved the dungarees actually and didn't want me to send them back."

So they didn't keep them then?

"No, straight back in the post the next day. Don't care if they only cost £20 each, there's no way I was going to have those hanging around the house."

But Luke admitted his modelling days might not be over yet.

"I have seen a very nice looking black string muscle vest on ASOS that's got my name written all over it." he said.

"Unsurprisingly, my old man has already told me exactly where to go if I try roping him in a second time."