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Voice: If you think Boris Johnson was bad, things will get worse.

This is about conservatives andBoris JohnsonRemember bothIf Johnson did not pollute communications over the Crispincher case, we would not have acquired a new Prime Ministerand a "new" government now

a week ago , He won the confidence vote, there was little serious effort going on to ensure his imminent departure, and Johnson twisted his way to the party meeting and beyond. All expectations that will be deceived. If Johnson publishes a fact sheet and timeline about dealing with Pincher shortly afterSunbroke, all 50 or more ministers would resign, wrestle with goodwill, or "completeness." I never sent a gorgeous letter about. A story, an everyday bit of Torysleaze.

They have a Dominique Cummings scandal, the resignation of two ethical advisors, aparty donor paying for the decoration of his apartmentscandal, a pandemic error. Assisted Johnson through his handling. And Brexit's mismanagement of corrupt transactions,Partygate and violations of law,illegal rebuke of Congress, violations of treaties and international law, allegedlyto Carrie. Jobs trying to get £ 100,000andWilfred is robbing children of free school dinner at the £ 150,000 tree house... and much more.

They agree with everything and if Johnson didn't humiliate some of them by giving them a dangerous line to participate in media interviews, they would have Johnson for a few months. It would have continued (if not for a few years). Even if Therese Coffey was given a better, more true briefingwhen he attended the Sophie Lawrs show, Johnson was shameful and slavery from Havid and Snacks. I would have received support.

So it's not just Johnson who has made a moral compromise, but the entire Tory Party, with rare exceptions. They were all guilty men because they voted for him, campaigned for him, supported him, lied for him, and generally ashamed themselves and the country in the process. I'm a woman. They were all members of Boris' cult and knew exactly what he was.

They didn't care because he was the winner. He didn't suddenly get in trouble – he's been like this since he was eight years old. He lived longer than his usefulness to them, but if they thought the devil's incarnation could beat them in the next election, they would now sign his nomination. Parties tend to acquire the right leaders for them.

Pay attention to what you want so that the old curse continues. Getting rid of Boris Johnson, and thus stubbornly refusing to accept reality, means three things that will cause serious damage to the country and his party over the years to come.

First, the new Prime Minister and his government face exactly the same problems that Johnson faced and cannot solve them. These are still with us when a new prime minister is appointed: the costs of inflation and life crisis. The turmoil of Brexit and theNorthern Ireland Protocol, and the collapse of the Irish peace process. The looming recession; trade deficit and weak public finance; strikes and shortages; long-term support for Ukraine. And prepare for the next wave of covid.

Means that in the last few days, all events, and in the past few weeks and months, the country has alternative leaders with the policy solutions needed for all these challenges. there is no. Aside from the vague and reckless plans to cut taxes and shred regulations, are there any ways to end the stagnation? I want to see.

Many of the problems facing the country are in Brexit, and the next government will obviously be the Brexit government, so the new Tory premiere will not change radically (or at least for the better). .. That is Johnson's other toxic heritage.

Indeed, in order to win the grassroots election, the next leader may have to be even harder against Brexit and more authoritative than the previous incumbent. Your next prime minister, like Johnson, will be elected by about 90,000 members of the Conservative Party, primarily the elderly, responsive and non-representative members. Just let it sink. terrible.

There will be "more Brexits", not less, and more violations of international law and the EU-UK Trade Cooperation Agreement. Please try to imagine. Steve Bakeror Suera Braverman, as Prime Minister

, energetically move away from the EU's Free Trade Agreement and choose WTO terms of trade with Europe. A bonfire of protection for employment, health and safety, animal welfare and product safety. Would you like to leave the European Human Rights Treaty? Oppose the UN Convention on Rights. Force the immigrant ship back into the waterway.  I ordered her to keep Nadine Dorries and abolish the BBC. Tory members love such things. People like LizTruss andNadhimZahawi, though more cheeky, are heading in the same direction.

These runners may be more capable and honest than Johnson, but they are more radical, fragmented, and more aggressive towards Europe, refugees, human rights, and the Constitution. In other words, we may not have the power of that wonderful Jeremy Hunt orTom Togendart, but instead we are even more convincing than Johnson.

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One of Johnson's many vicious heritage is "cake principle", but it seems that the party and the country tried to deviate from it. You will be forced to make difficult choices. To avoid for years – predominantly Brexit is compatible with the Belfast Good Friday Agreement and pretends to be compatible with Brexit's thriving economy. Penny Modant seems to be most likely to be confused, trying to make Johnson-style cake principle work, constantly dividing the differences, being blown away by factions.

Tory's division of policy will not go away and will be exacerbated by this regulation. As Johnson's most loyal and capable ally, Connor Burns, warns, there is also great resentment in how Johnson was banished between the country and the party's substantial fan base. This is a version of the standard "sticking behind" conspiracy theory.

The idea is that 14 million voters have assigned Boris Johnson a mission in the 2019 general election and have been betrayed by a conspiracy of Tory Party members who have been beaten by nasty media. .. In this scenario, there was a coup, a plot to frustrate people's will.

Nonsense, like parliamentary democracy, but they believe that the prime minister should only be dismissed by people in another general election. It is the same kind of myth that continued to support Sackerite in 1990, undermining their differences in Europe and poisoning conservative politics for 20 years.

Believe it or not, some people love Boris Johnson and consider his successor a scammer. It is a more toxic legacy of his filthy exit.