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We've got Britain's finest garden. Here's how to keep your lawn, flowers, and plants beautiful during heatwaves.

The couple behind Britain's best gardens share their tips for keeping their lawns, plants and flowers pristine in the sweltering heat.

Tony Newton, 72, and his wife Marie, 74, are at their award-winning 'Four Seasons' Oasis despite the country's extreme heat. It has managed to maintain its spectacular appearance.

The couple has spent his 40 years building one of the nation's most famous backyards in the heart of Black's country in Walsall, West Mid.

A pair of Greenfingers have shared their best gardening tips for keeping British lawns healthy as temperatures rise and hosepipes are banned.

They spread mulch all over the ground to retain moisture, keep out weeds, move potted plants out of direct sunlight, and water during the coolest parts of the day. recommended to do so.

The couple also advises to avoid digging as much as possible during the summer, keep the lawn as long as possible in hot weather, and use clay soil if possible.

His retired GP Tony said:

"We've been here for 40 years and the larger, established plants help provide shade to the smaller, more delicate plants, including those recently planted.

"Many of our plants are drought tolerant and have abundant leaves that help keep the sun away from the soil."

Tony and Marie discovered this I started tending to the garden when I moved to the land and continued the hobby after retiring in 2009.

450 azaleas, 120 Japanese maples and 15 gray owls are planted on his quarter acre.

The two welcomed his 15,700 people from more than 41 countries to his home to see the vibrant, colorful plot year-round.

He also raised over £52,500 for charity and won several awards, including Alan Tich Marsh's Best Garden in Britain and Gardener of the Year.

After being closed to the public during the pandemic, Tony and Marie will have visitors in his October for the first time in three years.

Tony added: Our garden simply evolved in a series of projects as our family's needs changed.

"We are self-taught and have no formal gardening training. was undertaken and completed by us.

With a certain amount of trial and error, and the immense joy of doing this large-scale project together.

"Imitating other gardens As far as we know, our design and planting style are unique.”

Full Tony and Marie Gardening Tips

Cover the ground well with plants and spread mulch such as mulch. , or pine bark, can help reduce weed evaporation and growth. This increases water loss, disturbs plant roots and damages soil structure.

Pruning perennials and dead flowering plants will help maintain their strength and blooms longer.

Do not transplant during drought. In hot weather, water only where it is needed. Nearly wilted plants, pots with dry soil or recently planted plants.

Consider moving some potted plants out of direct sunlight.

Do not water soil that is already wet.

If you are unsure whether your plants need to be watered, check the soil with your bare hands to test for dryness and moisture.

Water in the coolest hours, in the evening or early morning. This ensures that the water reaches the roots of the plant before it evaporates, preventing the delicate leaves from burning.

Avoid cutting the lawn too low throughout the year and let the lawn grow longer when hot weather is expected.

Luckily, grass may look dead in prolonged hot weather, but unlike many other sensitive plants, it recovers quickly after rain.

Her 4-year-old Marie, a former transport planner and nurse, added:

"It's our hobby and we love to take care of it. It's a small green space just a stone's throw from the center of town.

"We are gardeners. I have no training and am completely self-taught, but I believe I have created something very special."