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Who are the black family arrested in Aurora Colorado?

A BLACK family were arrested at gunpoint and handcuffed on the ground last week.

Footage showed the disturbing incident, which took place on Sunday, August 2, in Aurora, Colorado.

The family were heard screaming as they lay on the roasting concrete, with one person yelling "I want my mommy!" while another begged to be beside her sister.

Aurora police eventually allowed the family to roll over from laying on their stomachs to be seated.

But who are this family and why were they arrested?

Who are the black family arrested in Aurora Colorado?

Brittney Gilliam said she was the driver of the car.

She told KUSA that she had taken her daughter, nieces and little sister to get their nails done – kids who ranged in age from 6 to 17.

The family realized the salon was closed, and got back in their vehicle – only for it to be surrounded by cops who drew their guns, Gilliam claimed.

She said this wasn't the first time there was confusion over the vehicle: her car was reported stolen back in February before it was located the following day.

“There’s no excuse why you didn’t handle it a different type of way," Gilliam said. "You could have even told them, 'Step off to the side; let me ask your mom or your auntie a few questions so we can get this cleared up.'" 

Her 14-year-old niece Teriana Thomas claimed that the cops "don’t care," asking "who am I going to call when my life is in danger?”

Why was their car pulled over?

Aurora police said that day, they had been notified that a vehicle with the licence plate number and description was possibly stolen.

Cops said they found a car matching the description and stopped the vehicle.

The people inside the car were ordered out onto the ground, and some were placed in handcuffs," the department said in a statement.

"Shortly after that, officers determined that the car was not stolen," it read. "There is a stolen vehicle with the same plate information, but from a different state.

"The confusion may have been due, in part, to the fact that the stopped car was reported stolen earlier this year."

Did the cops apologize?

Cops said once they found out the car was not stolen, they "immediately unhandcuffed everyone involved, explained what happened and apologized."

Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson said in a statement that cops have been trained to "do what's called a high-risk stop" when they suspect a car is stolen.

"This involves drawing their weapons and ordering all occupants to exit the car and lie prone on the ground," Wilson said.

"But we must allow our officers to have discretion and to deviate from this process when different scenarios present themselves."

"I have already directed my team to look at new practices and training," she added.

Wilson said she called the family to apologize and offer help "especially for the children who may have been traumatized."

What happened after the arrest?

Police said they have opened an internal investigation into the incident.

The family has since reportedly filed a formal complaint against APD.

Gilliam's attorney is David Lane, a law partner of Mari Newman, who represents Elijah McClain's family.

McClain, an unarmed 23-year-old black man, died after being placed in a chokehold by police in Aurora and injected with the powerful sedative ketamine.

The aggressive arrest of Gilliam's family comes two months after George Floyd's police custody death in Minneapolis, which sparked widespread outrage and antiracism demonstrations across the USA.

The 46-year-old black man died on May 25 when a white cop Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes in Minnesota.

Video of the incident showed Floyd saying "I can't breathe" emerged on social media, prompting Americans to take protest systemic racism and police brutality.

US cops handcuff and hold black family at gunpoint after mistakingly registering their vehicle as stolen

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