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Who can replace Boris Johnson when the Prime Minister decides to resign

Boris Johnson's time asPrime Ministerended after months of scandals.

A leadership contest will be triggered to find a replacement for Johnson who wants to continue working as a caretaker until October.

No 10 sources say Johnson talks toSir Graham Brady,conservative 1922 committee chairto inform him of his decision. did.

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"The Prime Minister spoke with Graham Brady and agreed to stand up in time for the new leader to take office by the October meeting."

So who could replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister?

Rishi Sunak

The current former Prime Minister is often mentioned in conversations about who the next Prime Minister is.

However, Sunak was issued a fixed penalty notice earlier this year by Metropolitan Police over the party gate that damaged his reputation.

He was also criticized for his wife's tax status and lack of action to help her family in crisis of her life.

Rishi Sunak took over from Sajid Javid as Chancellor
Rishi Sunak took over from Sajid Javid as Prime Minister

Recently, his odds have shortened and many say he's back in the race.

Odds: 7/2


Foreign Secretary is highly favored by Tory members and is a prime candidate to become the next Prime Minister. Is considered one of them.

Tory party lawmakers are afraid that they will not be attracted to reaching out to voters during the election.

To improve her image after many villains hired social media guru last year.

However, she was not the first Cabinet Minister to hire a "Digital Media Special Advisor." Sunak first hired a social media specialist to improve his image.

Odds: 10/1

Sajid Javid

Sajid Javid, the former Health Secretary, is now seen as one of the favourites
Sajid Javid, original The Secretary of Health is now considered one of his favorites

After Matt Hancock resigned when a video footage of a violating kiss to an aide in the ministry appeared. , Havid has been appointed Secretary of Health for Corona Virus Restriction.

Since resigning from his health minister, he soon became one of his favorites to take over from the prime minister.

Odds: 8/1

Michael Gove

Michael Gove was sacked as the Levelling Up Secretary
Michael Gove has been dismissed as a level-up secretary

Abadnian has played many senior ministerial roles under David Cameron, Teresamei, and now Boris Johnson. If there is a

contest, Gove will definitely put his name down after Cameron resigned in 2016 and in 2019 when he resigned in May, after failing to get a top job.

He was fired just 12 hours ago, so let's just say that if he gets a top job, he'll be selling books.

Odds: 20/1

Jeremy Hunt

Former Health Secretary Hunt seeks to rebuild his reputation as chair of the Health and Social Care Election Committee is. After he failed to bid to become prime minister in 2019.

Many commentators believe that after Johnson leaves, he can run again to provide some stability on Downing Street.

He is also one of those who like to take over.

Odds: 8/1

Penny Modant

Bookies Modant made a wave in 2019 as Britain's first female defense secretary, shortly before being fired by Johnson shortly after becoming prime minister.

Modants have many strings to bow. She is a royal navy reserve, current trade minister, and former reality television contestant who starred in Splash, a front-facing diving show by Tom Daily.

She played a key role in the 2016 Brexit Referendum Leave campaign, and she is reported to have previously been backed by Dame Andrea Leadsom.

Odds: 11/2

Priti Patel

Home Secretary Priti Patel Rwanda The current Secretary of the Interior is controversial because of her views on immigration and her way of working.

In 2020, an investigation by the Cabinet Office found that Patel broke the minister's code after allegations of bullying were filed across her department.

Johnson decided to stand by his home secretary in the wrath of many instead of dismissing her.

Odds: 40/1


Boris Johnson is crucial to removing May 2019 from Prime Minister Played a role. He couldn't reach an agreement on Britain's withdrawal from the EU, so it may be time for him to take accurate revenge.

It is very unlikely that she will announce her name and it is unlikely that her Tory MP will vote again in May.

But a stranger happened.

Odds: 22/1

Ben Wallace

Defense Minister is one of the leading candidates alongside Risisanak and Penny Modant after the Ukrainian campaign. Is considered.

He won Westminster's praise with his candid and candid approach, especially among Tory Party lawmakers who demanded an increase in defense costs from the UK, but the reduction in the size of the army It's still a source of concern.

Steve Baker

Prominent Brexiteer and Tory's senior back venture former minister Steve Baker is seriously considering getting a top job on Thursday. I confirmed that.

He told Times Radio that people were asking him to do so, and if he didn't listen to the wording of support, it would be "contemptuous and rude." Will be. ".

Baker successfully planned to expel Teresamei as Prime Minister, but despite his confidence as Brexit, he is not a common name.

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