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Who does the cat on Larry the Downing Street belong to and what is he doing now?

Today, June 7,Boris Johnsonhas confirmed that he will resign as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

He will address the country at 1:00 pm and the UK is wondering if he could replace himnext afternoon.

In these worrisome times, many choose to distract from politicalheadacheswith adorable cats.

In fact, a friendly cat who calls a particular cat, rally, downing town his home.

He has been there for years long before Boris, and the country wants him to stay there long after.

At the age of 15, he is a familiar face that people actually want to see outside number 10.

Who does the cat at 10 Downing Street belong to?

Larry is actually doing public affairs on Downing Street (



In the 2016 Prime Minister's question,David Cameron, Larry is a civil servant and an individual Explained that it is not the property of.

He holds the title of Prime Minister's Office Neger of the Cabinet Office and has been resident since February 15, 2011.

He actually also does public affairs on theDowning Street website.He says, "I spend my days welcoming guests home, inspecting crime prevention, and testing the quality of naps in antique furniture.

" His daily responsibility is It also involves thinking of a solution to the mouse occupancy of the house. Larry says this is still in the "tactical planning stage."

He is also a world leader, as during a visit fromDonald. Meet his fair share of TrumpHe decides to relax behind the former President's £ 1.2 million armored Cadillac.

In 2011, David Cameron revealed to theBBCthat Larry really liked Barack Obama.

"Obama gave him a stroke and he was okay with Obama."

He was rescued from BatterseaDog&Cat's Home and since then the 10th beloved renter.

What happens to the rally after Boris resigns?

Larry met world leaders such as Donald Trump and Barack Obama (


Getty Images)

The rally is not technically owned by an individual, but by the staff of Downing Street. Owns, so I won't go anywhere.

Civil servants only serve one of the political parties being held, so Larry is waiting for him when Boris's replacement is confirmed.

Since he is 15 years old, no one is now trying to separate him from his majestic home or government duties.

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