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Who plays Prince Andrew in The Crown season 4 on Netflix? OLD

Season four of the hit royal drama The Crown has now arrived on Netflix, and sees several new members added to the cast.

Andrew, the Duke of York, is Queen Elizabeth II’s third child, and sibling to Charles, Anne, and Edward.

Byrne, a newcomer to TV, first appears as Andrew in The Crown season four, episode four, entitled “Favourites”.

In the episode, he is seen interacting with his mother, played in seasons three and four of The Crown by Olivia Colman.

In real life, Andrew has faced heavy criticism for his alleged association with the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. 

Andrew was widely condemned for an interview with Newsnight last November in which he was asked about the allegations, and his ties to Epstein.

Earlier this year, a court document featuring a detailed account of an alleged sexual encounter between Andrew and a woman claiming to be one of Epstein’s victims was made public – an encounter which the Duke denied had ever occurred.

Andrew pictured alongside Princess Sarvath al-Hassan and Queen Elizabeth II in 1984

In May, it was announced that Andrew would resign from all public roles.

Byrne, a 26-year-old actor who recently graduated from Bristol’s Old Vic theatre school, has said that he “didn’t bring his own judgement” to the role, adding that viewers would do that themselves.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Byrne said: “People are going to bring their perceptions of Prince Andrew to watch The Crown anyway, I didn't need to bring my own judgement to it.

“I thought the best thing I can do is to switch that part of my brain off. It just wasn't useful to me to engage with that stuff - particularly as I was only playing [him as] a 20-year-old.”

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