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Why did Boris Johnson resign? Timeline of his biggest scandal in No10

Boris Johnsonentered Downing Street for the first time as Prime Minister on July 24, 2019. His number 10 story continues to argue with more scandals than the British masses have. I endured a living memory.

Within a few weeks of claiming the best job, he put himself on the other side of the law by blaming Congress to avoid scrutinizing the Brexit project – his {7. } A turbulent premier-tuned episode

He encountered a scandal after the scandal and maintained several loyal worshipers, but until June 6, 2022. , Keeping more colleagues away until enough Tory lawmakers left him and forced him to vote. Confidence in his leadership that he survived on thin ground.

Just a month later, his governmentresigned after two of his key ministers, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Jabid, resigned at{17 minute intervals. I sawbeyond the repair. }

The pair were the chiefs of some Tories who decided thatcould no longer serve theprime minister, who seemed to lie publicly. He played the role of government overseeing the welfare of parliamentarians.

The man, formerly known as "Teflon Boris," was a step too far away because he had the ability to absorb catastrophic political scandals without compromising his public position. Independentunder

listed the largest scandal that Mr Johnson presided over in three years as Prime Minister:

Illegal arrogance – September 2019

The Supreme Court ruled that Mr Johnson had illegally closed Congress for five weeks prior to the UK's October 31 deadline for leaving the EU.

He was believed to have done so to prevent Congress from blocking unconsensual Brexit.

Congress reopened the next day, forcing Johnson to ask the EU to extend the deadline.

Public funding for Jennifer Parker – September 2019

Johnson was investigated by police guard dogs about his relationship with an American businessman.Jennifer Parker,Who claimed she had a relationship with him when he was Mayor of London.

He introduced to the Independent Police Action Authority (IOPC) on reports that Mr. Alkuri's technology company had access to £ 25,000 with public funds and was allowed to participate in three foreign trade missions. it was done.

IOPC has no basis for criminal charges, but Johnson should declare interests in Alcri, and failure to do so may have violated the London Assembly Code of Conduct. I found.

Alcri (right) said she and Johnson had an affair

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Ignore reports that Priti Patel found bullied staff – November 2020

Formal investigation revealed Johnson's Interior MinisterWe found evidence that Priti Patel bullied her department staffand violated it. Unintentionally, the minister's code.

Johnson used this warning, not believing that the code was violated, and claimed he was completely confident in the minister.

This caused his first ethical adviser, Sir Alex Alan, to resign with disgust.

Assisting Dominic Cummings in breach of blockade – May 2020

Johnson dislikes the public because Britain is at home for everyone Opposed to howling, he got stuck in his man.

Johnson said he had "regrets", but only about the anger and confusion that the public felt during the 500-mile round trip of his aide.

Cummings quickly resigned and spent time attacking Johnson outside politics. Johnson likens a shopping cart hitting one side of the aisle to the other because of his indecision.

Cummings holds a press conference at the Rose Garden in Downing Street during a scandal

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Downing Street Flat Refurbishment – ​​April 2021

Johnson refurbished his £ 112,000 from Tory's donor from former adviser Dominic Cummings. I was accused of trying to arrange to pay secretly to.

After the investigation, his new adviser on the interests of the Minister, Sir Guyto, admitted that Mr Johnson did not know what was happening, and when he did, his own. pocket.

Supporting MPs lobbying paid companies – November 2021

In an episode that began a series of scandals that continued until the time of writing Owen Paterson, a Conservative lawmaker after the House of Commons Standards Committee, who supported Mr. Johnson, was accused of violating the rules on paid lobbying by lawmakers by defending the two companies he was paying for.convicted

The Prime Minister lobbied the Conservatives to help review the standards system, rather than suspending Mr Paterson from the Commons.

Just 24 hours later, Johnson University made a U-turn in the face of public anger, but public attention continued to focus on Westminster's standards, second job, and accusation. 110} There were some embarrassing revelations of CongressmanMr Patterson resigned after the Prime Minister turned back.

Blocking Act Fines – April 2022

In December, Johnson said he and other officials held a block-breaking party. Approved an independent investigation into the allegations. The people were severely restricted.

His hands were forced after a series of newspaper reports about the incident led to explosive public anger at what became known as Partygate.

When the Metropolitan Police Department began investigating the case and ordered Ms. Gray to edit her findings until the police completed the investigation, the investigation led by civil servant Sue Gray was temporarily hampered. rice field.

On April 12, after months of speculation and preparation of evidence against the Prime Minister, Johnson said he attended a party in Downing Street on his birthday in May 2020. I was fined £ 50 by the police. He was the first Englishman. The prime minister was found to have violated the law during his tenure.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his wife Carrie Johnson were also fined.

Although legal issues have been resolved, the Prime Minister still wondered if he lied to Congress about his party's knowledge.

Johnson leaves Downing Street on Monday


The anti-corruption emperor Minister Code to resign after Prime Minister goes bankrupt – June 2022

Tory MP John Penrose, who has been the government's anti-corruption champion since December 2017, resigns on June 6. And the Prime Minister will give proper leadership to Partygate.

Johnson said he was unable to address the "very serious criticisms" of Sugley's report against the leaders of Downing Street.

The Prime Minister faced a confidence vote by Tory lawmakers later that day. He lost authority and won about two-thirds to one-third.

DisappearingTimesStory – June 2022

Downing Street is a story about a member of the Boris Johnson team about his wife Carrie. I confirmed that I had intervened after the release ofTimes

The story contained a allegation that Mr Johnson tried to install Carrie in the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It appeared in the first edition ofThe Timeson June 18th, but disappeared from subsequent copies and also fromMailOnline

. Johnson's official spokesperson confirmed: Before and after the first edition was published, he did not contactThe Times with 10 people, but denied that the Prime Minister himself had contacted Deputy Editor-in-Chief Tony Gallagher, who was in charge of the treatise that night.

It is understood that No10 has not taken any legal action regarding the story. Private Eyelater reported that the story was pulled because of the tenth fear that details of the then Foreign Minister and future Ms. Johnson would be revealed in a "dangerous situation."

Second ethical adviser resigns – June 2022

Johnson's ethical adviser, Sir Guyto, "intentionally violates ministerial rules." He resigned in the 10th plan, which stated that he was at risk.

The Prime Minister has suggested that there has been a line over protectionist steel tariff plans. He later said he was ready to break international law and prosecute.

Sir Gaito's letter adds:

In his resignation, his colleague stated in his resignation that he was definitely sticking to his role "by a small margin" after Partygate.

Grope's Claim MP Sets PM on the Road to Destruction – June 2022

Chris Pincher MP alleges to have attacked two guests In response, I resigned dramatically from the Deputy Leader General Affairs on June 30th. The night before, at the Carlton Club, a Tory Private Members Club in London.

10 Downing Street said he was unaware of the "specific allegations" about Mr. Pincher when Mr Johnson appointed him to the Whips office, but the next day, long before his allegations. It became clear what was said. As 2019.

Major Ministers in the Wave of Resignation Over Pincher Scandal – July 2022

Johnson is humiliating about the treatment of columns against Pincher After claiming that Downing Street, forced to apologize, forgot to be informed of previous allegations of "inappropriate" conduct.

In the Commons, the atmosphere among Tory lawmakers rebelled, and critics lined up to condemn the treatment of issue 10.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Minister of State for Health Sajid Javidresigned from the government by the end of the daywas the chief of several parliamentarians.

The Prime Minister quickly replaced them, but he appeared to be fatally injured, and the bookmaker greatly reduced his chances of survival. All stripes of political critics and former ministers said it seemed to be the end of Mr Johnson. Labor leader Sir Kiel Starmer said, "It is clear that the government is currently collapsing," and called for a general election.