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With millions of Brits out of work, there is no reason for EU migrants to staff care homes

WHAT sense would it make to invite thousands of new EU migrants to staff our care homes if four million Brits are unemployed?

Covid has radically changed our jobs market.

In January we had full employment and historically low unemployment.

There might then have been a case to exempt sought-after EU carers from the new points system. But not now.

Boris Johnson must not falter in the efforts to train more people for those often gruelling jobs and make the roles more attractive through higher pay.

But with millions blamelessly out of work, there should be no shortage of British recruits willing to retrain.

We’re all for the points system ­outlined by Home Secretary Priti Patel — immigration based on merit.

But when she also promises to bar serious EU criminals, and expel any foreign-born villains jailed here for a year or more, she had better be serious.

Because the numbers actually deported never match the rhetoric.

Mask madness

Is it any wonder Brits are so reluctant to wear masks?

It’s not just that we are too, well, British about it. It’s that the Government’s messaging has been a fiasco.

First their scientists said masks were all but pointless.

That was obviously cobblers — they were bound to help to some extent, as The Sun said in April.

Now they’re compulsory on public transport and, despite Michael Gove’s denials, about to become so in shops with a £100 fine for disobeying.

Daily deaths and infections are both on the way down. That’s good.

But how much faster might that have happened had the Government told us to wear masks routinely three months ago?

Hua ya?

The warnings from our vital global ­security partners ­cannot be ignored.

The PM must today bar Huawei from our 5G network, then the rest of it.

China’s lethal secrecy over Covid, its betrayal of Hong Kong, its human rights abuses and its cyberwar on the West must not be tolerated or indulged.

BT warns it will take a decade to rid our networks of Huawei. We doubt that.

But if so it had better get cracking.

It’s not difficult, is it?

If you ditch your Royal duties for a glitzy new life preaching woke environmentalism from a Beverly Hills mansion, don’t drive about in one of the world’s worst gas guzzlers doing only 14mpg.

Even Greta Thunberg has sense enough to avoid, say, seal-clubbing or emptying her bins in the sea.

Does it never occur to Harry and Meghan to practise what they preach?

Or is that just for the little people?

NHS £624 migrant surcharge scrapped for health care workers after U-turn from Boris Johnson, says Matt Hancock

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