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Woman trapped in hair salon mid-treatment after all stylists have gone home

When someone visits a beauty salon, they tend to put their lives in the hands of their stylist. In a dramatic turn of events after a customer claimed to have been left alone in the salon after all the employees had locked the door and decided to go home, the hairdresser took the phrase literally.

With a video posted on the popular social media app TikTok, the jaw-dropping ordeal has already garnered 293,000 views. It is over. Social media star Eloise Wright detailed the situation where her hair was left with color even though the salon was empty.

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She said. }

``So she told me to come in at 3 o'clock to color it.

Eloise is visibly shocked, as the employee slams the door behind them.

} Eloise has been challenged (


She detailed the situation on TikTok (



She continued: "Tell me why everyone else in the salon left and locked the door. Behind them.

"I'm just sitting with a timer on my phone and no one is washing my color away.

In response to popular demand, the social media star , shared an update showing her return to the stylish salon - Eloise had to ask for the color to be washed off.

While the hairdresser finished the look, Customers had mixed reactions in the comments section because she had to dry her hair on her own.

"Don't pay!!! One question was asked next to the emoji. You never paid!!!"

The fourth comment is: No one should be left behind x."

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