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Woman Wants Neighbor To Hide Trampoline - Why

If you sell your home, you want to present yourproperty in the best possible condition. Small changes can make a big difference, whether this is rearranging furniture or adding fresh paint to a wall.

But some mothers } may have gone too far in trying to clean up the house. Sheasked her neighbor to move around her garden furniture. She wanted an unusual request to be made to improve the view from her house, which is blocked by her neighbor's trampoline. A mother who consulted with explained she thought the change would help her sell her home and wanted to know if I was doing the wrong thing to ask that question.

Mother worried that neighbor's trampoline would alienate buyers (stock photo ( (


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Her post was shared on a forum.How do I ask my neighbors to move the trampoline slightly out of sight when viewers are spinning around my house?" 50}

It reads: "My house is far away from the house I'm trying to sell, but it's very close to my neighbor's house.

"Trampoline The only thing that really separates us from is a six-foot fence. Looking out from the back bedroom, it's all voila, this big trampoline looming (the garden is pretty small) AIBU?" 56} In spite of her reasoning, many were quickly dismissed...not my mother.

One wrote: "Yes. We think you've gone mad if you ask us about that. Sorry, it's perfectly fine to have a trampoline in your yard."

The third agreed.

Thankfully, Mom received the feedback on board and I concluded: It wouldn't have stood out so much, so I'll leave it at that."

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