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Woman whose teapot was destroyed in the changing room still refuses to let it show

Last year, Changing Rooms returned to the screen after 17 years since it was last shown. Happily, the home improvement show kicks off tonight, directed by Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen.

But there is one woman she probably won't listen to in the second series of that reincarnation. Because her time on the show left a bitter taste in her mouth. One of her biggest disasters came when homeowners Clodagh and his daughter Julia discovered that her collection of £6,000 teapots had been shattered during a renovation. occurred in

After the team created a free-standing shelving unit to display the teapots, a vast collection built over her lifetime was born.

Teapots all destroyed

Several books on the shelf Laid down, Crowda was left devastated.

Linda was forced to break the news so much that she became too lazy to watch.

When the designer tried to explain what had happened, At first there was some confusion as to what exactly happened.

Linda and the team discussed the incident before the designer broke the news to Cloda

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That bad blood still lingers is clear.

She said: "I still don't feel very good about her," she says of Barker.

She is still very resilient and I don't think she earned a bounce. It never restarted.

Croda never resumed collecting teapots

but She regrets appearing on the show, saying it was a good experience for her daughter who told the newspaper, "No." said:

"It was Wandsworth's 14-story apartment house, and was to house a very beautiful collection of antique teapots.

"The idea was that this would be right in the middle of the room.

``I mean, it was going to be absolutely amazing, and of course it was supposed to look great.

Former Big Brother presenter Davina, 52, joined interior designer Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen for the first series.

Reboot maintained the same format. In other words, two friends worked long hours to redecorate a room in each other's house under the guidance of a designer.

Davina said she was "thrilled" to front a "classic" home improvement show, she added: “I can't wait to see all the amazing transformations. Jonny Rothery, Commissioning Editor of Channel 4said:

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