Coalition of CSOs campaign for peaceful elections

Peace Campaign

A coalition of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in governance and security have embarked on a vigorous campaign to educate the electorate on the need for peace before, during and after the December 7, elections.

The “One Ghana Peace” campaign and radio messages is initiated by the Africa Centre for Security and Counter-Terrorism (ACSCT) while the West Africa Centre for Counter-Extremism (WACCE) is leading the national campaign with the Jaksally Development Organisation (Jaksally) a local NGO operating in Savannah and her VSLA across 10 regions supporting in the campaign.

The campaign is on the national theme: “Deepening the Roles of CSOs in Ensuring Peaceful Elections in December 2020” and on the local theme: “Our Political Party is our Savings box and dead men don’t vote”.

Mr Jeremiah Seidu, the Executive Director of Jaksally Development Organisation told the GNA after some campaigns had been carried in some communities that the CSOs were partnering some media organisations to reach out to about 1.7 million of its Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA) members.

He said the campaign is also targeting about 1.7 million household head, 5.1 million youth across its ten operational regions, 57 MMDA and over 350 hard to reach communities with the simple message
Of “One Ghana campaign”.

He said the main message that they were spreading reads, “We are all one in this country. Party politics came to meet us as Ghanaians, and we will continue to practice party politics as peaceful Ghanaians. We are one nation, one Ghana one people”.

He said, “We as CSOs, initiated by Africa Centre for Security and, Counter-Terrorism-ACSCT led nationally by West Africa Centre for Counter Extremism-WACCE and in the coalition by CSOs in governance and security implemented by Jaksally Development Organisation and our Savings groups constituents wish to send this message to all as one Ghana”.

The message among others said, “Dead men don’t vote, community leaders should reject politicians who meet them with alcohol for their youth to participate in voting, avoid overcrowding during this election at the voting centres, wear nose and mouth masks that is devoid of political colours”.

Other portions of the message say, “Avoid misbehaviour with motorbikes and vehicles before, during and after elections, speak peace to your Neighbour, colleague, family and friends, avoid rallies if at all, in the night or dark”.

The Coalition also came out with 14-point principles about politics among which read, “Nobody has your interest in politics, everyone is chasing their interest so don’t sacrifice your life, health or peace, dealing with politicians is like sleeping with tigers, you must keep your eyes wide open, in politics, there is always someone to be used.

The Coalition, therefore, advised the youth not to kill themselves for politicians but must rather work towards building a formidable future for themselves since life was not sold in the market.

Mr Seidu also visited the Yagba/Kubori constituency where the youth vandalised a radio station and some vehicles and advised them to stop violence and see themselves as one people with a common destiny.

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