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Drake shows off massive collection of bras fans threw at him on his tour

Drake might be internationally known for his chart-topping hits, but on his recent tour, he is drawing attention for an unexpected reason: his ever-growing collection of bras thrown at him by fans.

The rapper is currently on his “It’s All A Blur” tour, and fans have been throwing bras at him during the tour to show their love for the artist in unconventional ways.

In a passionate display of affection, concertgoers from all walks of life have been throwing their bras onto the stage. However, Drake has chosen to celebrate this special expression of fan appreciation by posting pictures of the bras on social media because it has grown to be such a phenomenon.

Twitter user @Mayy_ayye tweeted, “Throwing my mama’s bra on stage and then talking ab it with you was the best thing ever!”

Drake has taken to his social media accounts to showcase his expansive collection of bras, with one image showing him seated on the floor, surrounded by bras of varying shapes, sizes, and colours.

The picture received over 5,000 likes in just one hour after being uploaded.

“Remember when we both forgot who the f**k I was in unison… that wavelength was def a foolish one,” Drake captions the photo.

Meanwhile, Drake’s fans have been amused by the gesture, and many have taken to social media to share their own photos and videos of bras being thrown at him.

Some fans have even contemplated starting a petition to get Drake to donate the bras to charity.

A fan commented: “Bruh got a library full of bras.” Another said: “Mans got more bras than Victoria’s Secret.”

Fellow rapper 50 Cent recently expressed his desire to be treated similarly to Drake, yearning for bras to be tossed at him during his own performances.

In an Instagram video that he uploaded on Wednesday, the rapper expressed envy over the way that Drake gets thrown bras while performing onstage.

50 Cent was filmed joking around with his crew backstage at one of his shows on “The Final Lap” tour, asking his team to “treat me like Drake” — all while wearing a shirt printed with Drake’s “Dark Lane Demo Tapes” album cover.

“Can somebody help me with my feet please,” the rapper can be heard saying to a crew member in the clip. “They don’t treat Drake like this. They don’t treat motherfucking Drake like this.”

“Drake, they throw him bras. What do I get? Could you please go get me some Drake fans?” the rapper said as his team started laughing. “This shit just don’t feel right. I need to feel special around here.”