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E/R NPP Chairman advocates party cohesion and applauds IGP’s accomplishments

E/R NPP Chairman advocates party cohesion and applauds IGP’s accomplishments

E/R NPP Chairman advocates party cohesion and applauds IGP’s accomplishments

In the bustling town of Koforidua, Ghana, the Eastern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Jeff Konadu, delivered a powerful message that echoed far beyond the town's borders.

With the 2024 general elections looming on the horizon, Chairman Konadu stood at the forefront, advocating for unity within the party to achieve the longstanding political ambition of breaking the 8 in Ghana's politics.

Speaking candidly during a recent interview on Wontumi Radio, Chairman Konadu emphasized the paramount importance of party cohesion. His call to prioritize unity extended to every NPP member, regardless of their differences. It was a plea to set aside divisive issues, such as the controversial leaked tape involving the Inspector General of Police (IGP), George Akuffo-Dampare.

Chairman Konadu's words were clear and unwavering, Let's focus on building our party unity in winning the 2024 general elections, and that's the most important. He highlighted the party's unwavering commitment to presenting a united front to voters and ensuring a successful electoral outcome.

One remarkable aspect of Chairman Konadu's interview was his commendation of IGP George Akuffo-Dampare. Regardless of political affiliation, he urged NPP members to support the IGP in carrying out his duties impartially, recognizing the substantial accomplishments under his leadership.

In addition to the call for unity, Chairman Konadu praised the investments made by the government in law enforcement and security. He highlighted the provision of motorbikes, construction of essential infrastructure, and the deployment of necessary security apparatus. The recent acquisition of two helicopters by the Police Service, he noted, was a milestone that enhanced law enforcement capabilities across the nation.

The Eastern Region Chairman underscored the tangible impact of these investments on the region's security. Prior to IGP Dampare Akufo's tenure, areas like Afram Plains had been plagued by armed robbery incidents, causing distress to market women and residents. However, under the IGP's leadership, these activities had come to a halt, and security conditions had significantly improved.

In the heart of Koforidua, Chairman Konadu's message resonated not only with NPP members but with Ghanaians across the political spectrum.

His call for unity, support for impartial law enforcement, and recognition of achievements in bolstering security reflected a broader aspiration for a stronger and safer Ghana, transcending party lines as the nation looked toward the critical 2024 elections.

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