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“Everyone wants to trend with Ilebaye” Fans come for Nina Ivy for advising people not to vote for pity this year

Reality star, Nina Ivy is currently facing backlash from core fans of Ilebaye surrounding ther bold statement she put out yesterday.

As excitement continues to build towards the grand finale of Big Brother Naija All-Stars, fans and viewers are making their voices heard, passionately campaigning for their favorite contestants. With the final week upon us, former BBN star Nina Ivy has chimed in with her thoughts, and it’s causing quite a stir in the online community.

One housemate who has garnered a fair share of attention during this season is Ilebaye. She has been both praised and criticized for what some describe as a “pity strategy.” According to housemates and some netizens, Ilebaye appears to intentionally provoke conflicts and then turns gets teary eyed when her fellow housemates retaliate. This approach has raised questions about whether she is genuinely facing bullying in the house or if it’s all part of a calculated game plan.

Nina Ivy came out to express her feelings about what she sees as a “pity card” game. In a candid statement, she advised people not to vote based on pity, which people noted was a clear jab at Ilebaye. This straightforward stance from Nina has generated a lot of conversations from netizens and crow fans alike.

Interestingly, this controversy around Ilebaye isn’t entirely new. Before Alex Unusual left the show, she shared an incident involving Ilebaye. Alex disclosed that she had stood up for Ilebaye when she was allegedly being bullied, only to have Ilebaye later insult her in a surprising twist.


One affordableswears had this to say,

“This one want to use ilebaye to restore her lost glory. It is well”

One oneandonlyasaonwa had this to say,

“There are some attributes you need to watch out for. The second to the last HOH game where Baye emerged the winner. Omo, she said it was a do or die affair!! The other housemates were focused on Angel, but it didnt even deter or move her. Pity up and down. She played it, yes. She won most of the games, yes. You see her determination?? It needs to be studied in school. She practically rose from grass to grace in that house even when it looked she was standing all by herself.

ellaempire1 had this to say,

“Hmmmm every one wants to trend with illebaye… During your time I hope you know how insignificant you were?”

One gbemisola353 had this to say,

“All of u that is saying baye is doing pity may ur children be treated like this so u will know say baye is human nd she has parent too watching do u know how the mother will feel seeing them pick on her daughter everytime do u know how heartbroken the woman will feel awon werey oshi all those stupid hms wey they form am nt ur mate”

One renee_3811 had this to say,

“I keep on wondering what’s wrong with this housemates that dislike ilebaye and sayng that she has no work to do with the 120m,, are they mad would she be in there if it was true so they just have to focus on their game and stop bulling her and they just have to understand that baye is the winner of this show 9 and big brother also agrees on that”

One Kanmelu had this to say,

“Ndi ara.. Even them don’t want mercy to win but all of them are online faking friendship…mad people”