Government started fixing the country before 'accidental' coronavirus - Kusi-Boafo

CEO of the Public Sector Reforms Secretariat, Mr. Thomas Kusi-Boafo CEO of the Public Sector Reforms Secretariat, Mr. Thomas Kusi-Boafo

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Public Sector Reforms Secretariat, Mr. Thomas Kusi-Boafo says government started fixing the economy long before the outbreak of Coronavirus in the country.

Mr. Kusi-Boafo, speaking on Peace FM's 'Kokrokoo' programme, slammed the "fix the country" campaigners over their protest against the administration of President Nana Akufo-Addo.

Some popular artistes like; Efia Odo, Kwaw Kese, Lydia Forson, Kwame A. Plus, a host of others and a section of the general public have raised concerns over the governance system of the President.

They have ignited the ''fix the country'' campaign to complain about their hardships and convey their greivances to the President, telling him to address their plight.

But to Mr. Kusi-Boafo, the President has done very well because, under his leadership, Ghana has achieved positive growth in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic when countries like Germany and the USA among others are all graspling with the disease which has brought their economies to a negative.

He stated Ghana is among the few countries that have done great in achieving a sturdy growth, although the growth rate for the country is at 0.9 percent.

"It means the government did something to achieve that positive results. So, the government started fixing the country long ago before COVID. The COVID was only an accident that befell us. The government saw its problem at the early stages and drew its programmes to eliminate it from extended credit facilities of the IMF."

To him, at this moment where the country is hit by COVID-19, what should be the priority concern for Ghanaians is "how can we acquire the vaccines for us all to be inoculated? This is the question we should be asking. When will the vaccines arrive? What are the arrangements? When will we be vaccinated?'' and not embarking on a "fix the country" campaign.

"Do you think that COVID has destroyed them, they won't get back up again when they unite? When they gain strength and get vaccinated, do you think Germany will sink? No! The people will have the strength to rebuild . . . If I'm dying, I won't cry for roads. I will cry for life! If you have life, you have everything . . . If you construct the roads at Bubuashie around Accra Academy and the people there don't get the vaccines and they die, is it ghosts that will be driving on the roads?" he questioned.

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