The lady who has became popular after her time on the popular TV show made this known in a recent interview with Ghanaian actress and presenter, Xandy Kamel Mensah.

In the interview, she said she is willing to do anything including ‘cheating’ on her partner adding that the fiancee doesn’t have to know.

Before this interview, she was on record to have said that men who are broke should not make any attempt at finding love.

She dropped the controversial statement after the relationship between herself and the gentleman she was paired with, Manbossey on the popular Date Rush program broke down in pieces. The guy had complained that Rose wasn’t bringing anything to the table except to ask for money from him all the time by subtly stating she was broke anytime they communicated on social media.

As he couldn’t handle her quest to milk him dry, coupled with the fact that she claims she doesn’t take public transport (Trotro) except Uber, he has decided to discontinue the relationship. However, Rose has shot back in a video claiming whoever is broke doesn’t deserve to look for love.