I Don’t Drink Nor Smoke, I’m A Devoted Muslim Who Prays 5 Times Daily- Black Sherif Reveals

Young Ghanaian Hiplife sensational Black Sherif has revealed he doesn’t drink nor smoke as he’s a devoted Muslim who prays 5 times daily.

Born Mohammed Ismail Sherif Frimpong, Black Sherif revealed that his father is a pure Asante man who converted from Christianity to Islam. He said his father still bears the name ‘Frimpong’ even after converting into Islam hence the reason why he also bears that same name even though he’s a Muslim.

He added that he was born into the Islamic religion and so practice all the necessary rites as a true believer of the Prophet Mohammed and the Holy Quran like praying 5 times daily, fasting on the statutory Ramadan month, and among others.

The ‘Second Sermon’ hitmaker also stated he’s a devoted Muslim who doesn’t drink nor smoke or do anything that goes against his religion as he was raised in a typical Muslim home of a Zongo community in his hometown of Konongo.

The 19-year-old rapper speaking in an exclusive interview with renowned media personality and musician Andy Dosty on his ‘Day Break Hitz’ morning show on Hitz FM monitored by also wades into most people doubting his age.

He said he wished he could someday take one of his family members along whenever he’s going for an interview or get the person on the phone so he/ she can confirm his age for people to see if indeed he’s 19 years old or not.

Answering the question of why most people call him ‘Blacko’, the rapper stated that’s the name they call him on the streets because to many of his peers, the ‘Black Sherif’ is too long for them so they prefer calling him ‘Blacko’ instead.

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