I will never forget how Prince David Osei disrespected and labeled me stupid-Akuapem Poloo


Actress and social media icon, Akuapem Poloo has disclosed that Ghanaian actor, Prince David Osei referred to her as stupid when trying to sabotage her for presenting an award at Golden Movie Awards.

According to an interview on Linkup entertainment show hosted by Mona Gucci on Kantanka Tv that Akuapem Poloo declared that she will never forget the day the award-winning actor uttered those harsh words to her.

“Actor Prince David Osei went for a television interview and stated that he is very disappointed in organizers of Golden Movie Awards by allowing a stupid girl like me Akuapem Poloo to present an award whiles better people were around” she revealed.

She added by stating, “I will never forget what Prince David Osei said to me although I don’t hate him because I respect him a lot and I have been on set with him twice, so he knows me very well and can testify by saying I’m a humble person”.

Akuapem Poloo went further to say that Prince David Osei understands showbiz, so she did not expect him to say that.

“He killed my spirit before going on stage that day, so immediately they mentioned my name to present the award, everyone was laughing because I’m not going to speak good English there, and it really made me confused and didn’t even know what to say and indeed I made a grammatical error in my speech which went viral in some Ugandan magazines” she lamented.

The actress then mentioned how sometimes she feels undervalued in the movie industry because some personalities think she is not good enough to be on the same platform with them.

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