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“If not for legacy, I don’t want to have kids” Speedy Darlington

Singer Speedy Darlington came on social media shed to reveal why he did not want to be a father. The artist, known for his bold and outspoken nature, shared his thoughts on why he’s chosen not to have children, highlighting the serious responsibility and challenges that comes with raising a child.

Speedy Darlington’s decision to notbuave children has a lot to do with his recognition of the demanding nature of parenthood. He revealed that his own upbringing, his mother raised him. He spoke on how difficult it was for her to take him, expressing the effort and sacrifice she had to have.

Speedy Darlington stated that a child is a responsibility he was not sure he was prepared for. He acknowledged that it is a life-changing commitment that he’s not certain he can undertake.

Interestingly, the singer did mention one exception to his stance on having children. This was– the human desire to leave a lasting legacy. While he remains hesitant about the challenges of raising a child, the idea of leaving behind a part of himself as a legacy is something that has crossed his mind.

“I prefer a village girl” Speedy Darlington reveals he’s turned off by rich educated women

Kemi Filani reported that back in August, Rapper and comedian, Speedy Darlington, had taken to his social media platform to express his preference for village girls over rich and well-educated women. In a video, he had passionately advocated for village girls.

Darlington had notably stated that what women find attractive in a man might differ from what men seek in a woman. He had pointed out that while women might desire educated, wealthy, and well-traveled partners, men might have different priorities. In fact, he had admitted that such accomplished women actually turn him off.

He had elaborated by saying that if he ask a woman what she brings to the table and she responds with being educated, well-traveled, and wealthy, instantly he’s put off.

He concluded by saying that’s not what he was looking for and would prefer village girls.