LGBTQ+: ‘We vehemently hate the act, not the humans’ – COMOG

General News of Friday, 26 February 2021


COMOG held a press conference on the issue at the Police Mosque in Accra play videoCOMOG held a press conference on the issue at the Police Mosque in Accra

Prince Musah Zakaria, spokesperson of the Coalition of Muslim Organizations, COMOG, has spoken about the ongoing debate around same-sex relations – the LGBTQ+ controversy.

Speaking earlier this week during COMOG’s press conference on the issue held at the Cantonments Police Mosque, he said the group opposed the act of homosexuality and not the persons engaged in it because the persons who engaged in it needed help.

“Their act is inimical to our tradition, culture, values and religion. Therefore, we vehemently hate the act and not the humans.

“Some of them have gotten to a level of no return especially the men, most of them walk around in diapers, they are badly destroyed and we are helping them through surgery. And therefore all diplomatic missions, their prominent NGOs in this country that are promoting this activity, it has been ongoing for so long,” he added.

He further averred that the actions of the LGBTQ+ community had been ongoing for years underground and recent events were a case of them testing the waters to see if they would be accepted.

“We as a people have gone to bed, slumber for so long and they have acted subtly till such a time that they are testing the waters to see if they will be accepted. It is a matter of No – No – No and No!” Zakaria stressed.

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