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Man arrested for stealing fuel from tanker at Bole

A 24-year-old unemployed Senior High School graduate, Isaac Gakpetor, has been arrested by the Bole District Police command for stealing fuel.

The suspect is accused of stealing gallons of fuel from tankers that park at rest spots at some filing stations at Bole.

According to the Bole District Officer, ASP Wisdom Pavis Agbeklah, he was caught red-handed after some fuel attendants laid ambush to nab the perpetrator.

ASP Agbeklah noted that there had been complaints in the past five months of missing gallons and shortage of fuel in vehicle tanks parked at the fuel station.

A review of the CCTV revealed suspect Isaac draining petrol from cars into six gallons.

To gather more evidence, the victims laid ambush and while Isaac was back to his usual stealing, he was nabbed in the act.

He was handed over to the police and his motorbike, stolen gallons of fuel and other possessions have been confiscated.

The suspect will be put before the Bole District Magistrate Court on Thursday, August 18, 2022.