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Mazda sold one CX-60 per day in August – Why this is better than it sounds

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Mazda, the renowned Japanese automaker, has been making waves in the luxury SUV segment with its latest offering, the CX-60. Despite facing stiff competition from more well-known rivals, this newcomer has managed to capture the attention of South African consumers and is making its mark as a compelling choice in its price bracket.

In August, Mazda proudly reported the sale of 31 units of the CX-60, outshining its more established competitors such as the Mitsubishi Outlander (20 units), Nissan X-Trail (18 units), and Subaru Forester (16 units). While these brands may not be considered top contenders for the best-selling spots, they all fiercely compete in the incredibly competitive midfield, where value for money often takes precedence over brand recognition. The CX-60’s remarkable performance as a new entrant in this category is, therefore, an achievement worth noting, especially considering it even surpassed Mazda’s other long-standing and less expensive models, like the 3 hatchback and the CX-30 crossover, which garnered 14 and 13 sales in August, respectively.

The CX-60, which made its domestic debut in May, has already welcomed 145 new South African customers, securing a solid foothold in the R700,000-to-R800,000 luxury SUV segment. This achievement is a testament to Mazda’s commitment to offering consumers a compelling blend of luxury, performance, and value.

The CX-60 is the first model to emerge from Mazda’s next-generation portfolio of products, set to systematically replace the brand’s current offerings as they near the end of their lifecycles. Mazda Southern Africa’s Managing Director, Craig Roberts, confirmed that the subsidiary is forging ahead with the rollout of new SUVs. Local fans can anticipate the arrival of the CX-80 in the second quarter of 2024. The CX-80, a larger version of the CX-60, shares the same platform but boasts a longer body to accommodate two extra seats in the boot. This seven-seater will utilize the same 2.5-liter petrol engine as the five-seater but will also be offered with a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) version, marking a significant step for Mazda South Africa as it enters the PHEV market.

The CX-60 already offers a PHEV option in markets like the UK, featuring a 129kW electric motor, a 17.8kWh battery, and a petrol engine, resulting in a total output of 241kW and 500Nm. This powerful setup allows the SUV to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.8 seconds and offers a maximum all-electric driving range of 68 km. While Mazda has not officially confirmed whether this exact driveline will be used in the CX-80, potential owners can look forward to a powerful addition to the Mazda lineup hitting South African roads in the near future.

Craig Roberts also revealed Mazda’s plans to launch a new battery-electric vehicle (BEV) in various markets, South Africa, by 2026. While Mazda already has the MX-30 BEV on sale in North America and Europe, the vehicle faced mixed reviews since its release in 2019 and was discontinued in the United States after just two years. This suggests that the upcoming BEV for the South African market will likely be an all-new model, set to be unveiled within the next two years, as Mazda aims to make a stronger impact in the rapidly growing electric vehicle segment.


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