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Police in Adidome in dire need of means of transport for enhanced operations

Confidential sources within the Adidome Police Service, have highlighted a critical issue plaguing their ability to maintain law and order in the community for lack of means of transport. 

These sources, who have requested anonymity, disclosed that the Adidome Police Service has been without operational vehicles for over two years, which was affecting policing in the enclave.

This deficiency had hampered severely their ability to respond swiftly to emergencies, investigate crimes, and conduct routine patrols.

“Without a vehicle, officers often face delays in reaching crime scenes, or attend an emergency, potentially putting lives and property at risk,” sources lamented.

They also added that officer’s reliance on public transportation or personal vehicles, had blown their cover, limiting their reach and effectiveness.

They noted resources have been diverted away from critical law enforcement activities, as officers must spend time and money on transportation of logistics.

Residents had also expressed concerns over the situation, with some calling for urgent action to address the Adidome Police Service’s pressing need for an official vehicle.

In response to these revelations, community leaders and concerned citizens were now urging government officials and relevant authorities to prioritise the allocation of resources to provide the Adidome Police Service with a means of transport.

Mr. Thomas Moore Zonyrah, the Central Tongu District Chief Executive who doubled as the Chairman for the District Security Council (DISEC) said measures had been initiated to curb the menace.

He said, the challenge was a crucial one and had been in the plans of the District Assembly to give a supportive hand.

Mr. Zonyra  indicated that his office is working hard in lobbying to get the vehicle back in commission for the Police Service.

“I am aware of this challenge facing the Police and I must say that as the DISEC Chairman, I am working tirelessly to get the vehicle fixed for the Police to use. And I am working hard to achieve that.

Very soon everything would be set up so they can continue with the good work they are doing for the people of Adidome and its neighbouring communities,” he added.

The DCE urged the residents to exercise patience as plans are underway to fix the problem.

The Member of Parliament for Central Tongu, Mr Gabby Alexander Roosevelt Hotordze, noted that he would partner with the District Assembly to provide a solution to the challenge.

He explained that he would reach out to the DCE and the District Police Commander Chief Superintendent Jonas Agbevam to dialogue in getting means to put the vehicle back in commission.

He added that without the official vehicle, the Police cannot do their work effectively thus he would ensure that the car is fixed to enable them to do their job.

This situation highlights the importance of adequate resources for law enforcement agencies across the nation, ensuring the safety and security of communities large and small.

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