Restore my virginity before I agree to divorce- Wife demands

A Customary Court in Nigeria witnessed the most outrageous thing when an angry wife Suliat requested her husband, Lateef restores her virginity before she signs the divorce papers.

Lateef dragged Suliat to court to seek for divorce on grounds of gross disrespect, humiliation and embarrassment in public places. According to him, his wife has been nothing but trouble.

He revealed to the judge that he moved out of the house due to the cold reception he received in his own house, hence his decision to separate.

Lateef’s claim did not sink well with Suliat who hit him with an outrageous demand, saying he should restore her virginity and good health before she signs the divorce papers.


Suliat pointed out to the Judge, the ill conditions her husband had put her through since he married her.

She revealed that Lateef used ‘juju’ to charm her into marrying him, a cause of her stress and frequent ill-health.

Their case has since been adjourned to a later date due to Suliat’s bad health and demands.

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