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Teacher Unions Should Fight Against “Notional and Substantive Dates” Policy

The host of GNAT hour on Angel FM, Amos Owusu, has spoken his mind about the rot in the Ghana Education Service whiles the leaders of the various teacher sit aloof. 

The GNAT officer in one of the association’s locals in the Ashanti region noted on the show monitored by Bricy Boateng that issues concerning teacher promotions and payment of salaries have been poorly handled by teacher associations. The introduction of notional and substantive dates being used to promote teachers is unfair treatment. 

“At first, a teacher promoted received two years back pay. The money was used by the teacher to finance his building project or pay for his ward’s school fees. However, politicians will get promotion and receive three years back pay. We have voted for union leaders to fight for teachers’ welfare. They should fight for the rot in GES on behalf of members and make them feel comfortable.” He said. 

Mr. Owusu also noted that the GES is treating teachers who are due for promotion unfairly by neglecting their date of entry into the service. He mentioned, “One due for promotion in 2017 will not be called, meanwhile, later, those due in 2018 will add to them and both groups will then be promoted put on on the same scale and paid the same arrears. What then is the essence of being employed earlier than others?” 

As if that was not enough, the worst treatment to teachers was the three months pay policy to teachers who had worked for thirty-six months without taking salaries, which happened in the erstwhile administration. He noted, “We’re in this country when there was a policy that teachers who have worked for 36 months received only 3 months salary arrears. All this happened under the watch of teacher union leaders.”

Mr. Owusu wants teacher unions to apt their game by fighting for members’ interest at all times.


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