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The unfair treatment of a Nepalese student by the UK Home Office jeopardises his educational opportunities

Dear Professor Karen Bryan,

I, like many others, learnt from a Guardian report that a Nepalese student wrongfully detained at the United Kingdom’s border was denied admission to York St. John University.

I spoke with Mr Sulav Khadka over the phone, and I am shocked by how the border forces treated him, but I am even more concerned by how he was treated at York St. John university.

It appears that York St. John University is out of touch with the harsh reality that Mr Sulav Khadka faces since their offer is insufficient.

I am a proud York St. John University alumni, but I thought the University’s response and handling of Mr Sulav Khadka’s mistreatment by the home office disgraceful.

I request that York St John university stand with and for Mr Sulav Khadka and communicate with the Home office official that it was their fault that Mr Sulav Khadka was unable to enrol on time for the course and that he be given the opportunity to enrol on the course for which he has travelled to the United Kingdom.

I ask the University to acknowledge the severe distress the incident has brought about and the ensuing unsatisfactory contacts with university officials. In light of this, I ask that the University provide him with the necessary emotional assistance, as well as a year of free accommodation and a full remission of tuition fees.

Given its reputation for supporting social justice causes, York St. John University has another opportunity to lead by example in this situation.

Most importantly, I encourage York St John University to make every effort to ensure that Mr Sulav Khadka is not compelled to return to Nepal.

York St John university should make every effort to make Mr Sulav Khadka feel welcome in the city of York, which is recognised for being welcoming, a city of sanctuary, and a United Nations human rights city.

Yours sincerely

William Nicholas Gomes

Human rights activist and Freelance journalist

York, United Kingdom

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