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Frustration as Limerick areas are left in dark


THE LENGTH of time that Limerick councillors expect it should take for a public light to be fixed and how long it is actually taking on the ground, are 'poles' apart, according to the local representatives.

This month's meeting had barely started when Cllr Liam Galvin described the public lighting situation as “farcical”.

“Have we got any correspondence back from the service provider? The evenings are closing in, there is a lack of a garda presence and a lack of lighting. We are spending big money on footpaths but people can't walk on them because they are pitch black,” said an exasperated Cllr Galvin.

He particularly highlighted the situation in Athea and Feenagh which have been waiting 12 months for public lighting to shine.

“What is happening is not acceptable. What do we tell people? I want a timeframe for malfunctioning lights to be repaired after we report them.

“Is a fortnight a reasonable time? What can we tell the people who elected us. At the moment it is taking months,” said Cllr Galvin.

Cllr Michael Collins said it was a “complete joke”. “It is going on years. One person who raised with me an issue with public lighting is now deceased sadly.

“The problem is the service level agreement with the provider. They are not meeting their obligations. It is so frustrating,” said Cllr Collins, who also called for ramps in Knockaderry village.

“The school is busy - it's a long narrow road. It also needs new flood drainage. A big scheme was done there and gullies are not working,” said Cllr Collins.

Cllr Jerome Scanlan returned to the public lighting, or lack thereof, saying it is “a major problem and especially with the onset of winter”.

“We are chasing them and getting nowhere. It is not acceptable,” said Cllr Scanlan.

Cllr Francis Foley said it is “falling back on us as councillors”.

“We need to ask them what kind of service is being provided. We're getting it in the neck from people and I don't blame them. There are lights out in since last April,” said Cllr Foley.

Gordon Daly, director of economic development, enterprise and tourism, said he would organise a meeting internally to try and get to the bottom of it.

Cllr Collins proposed that management take care of it because he joked that if the service providers did come to a municipal district meeting they would be taking their lives in their hands!