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MEERUT: Union minister Giriraj Singh has made another controversial statement by warning Muslims of “consequences” if they did not support Ram Mandir.

“Muslims are descendants of Lord Ram and not of Mughals, so they should support Ram Mandir. If they don’t support the cause of Ram Mandir, they know well that Hindus will hate them. If this hatred increases then Muslims can well imagine the consequences,” said Singh. The minister of state (independent charge) for micro, small and medium enterprises was speaking at a press conference in Baghpat on Sunday, where he had come to be a part of a population control rally.

“In this country, public participation is needed for every law. When this is done, the Ram Mandir issue as well as population control will have a proper law through which they can be dealt with. Right now, the issue of Ram Mandir is just like the second stage of cancer, which, if not treated now, will be incurable in future,” Singh said.

Singh further requested Muslims to take a step forward, support the cause of Ram Mandir and show public participation for this. “India is a country, where on every subject, discussions face roadblock. It is time that the definition of minority is changed,” Singh said.

He also stressed on having a law for those who give birth to many children. “A strict law should be there against those who have more than a certain number of children. Those who do not agree, their voting rights should be taken away,” the minister said.