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Erica Mena issues public apology to J’can Gabrielle Davis Loop Jamaica

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Model-turned-deejay Gabrielle Davis, who was the first Jamaican chosen as a supporting cast member on VH1 Love & Hip HopMiami has been vindicated.

Davis recently received private and public apologies from Erica Mena via direct message on Instagram. She also posted a message on her Instagram story.

Mena’s apology came after a previous scandal swirled around about Davis’ alleged relationship with dancehall deejay/entrepreneur Safaree Samuels.

The apologies have stemmed from Samuels’ denial of a marriage proposal in 2019 to Gabrielle Davis, during his relationship and subsequent marriage proposal shortly after with Erica Mena.

Mena, at the time, defended Samuels on social media and, according to a release, “cyberbullied Gabrielle Davis”, which led fans to believe Davis was Samuels’ ‘side chick’, though screenshots of messages between DJ Gabby & Safaree explicitly disproved Mena’s allegations.

Fast forward four years later, Mena has now conceded and has started somewhat of a reconciliation campaign with those she’s wronged in the past. This after marrying and divorcing Samuels.

According to a statement from Davis’ team, Mena reposted a photo of Davis to her Insta stories with the caption:

“She deserves a public apology. Which she has accepted on my behalf. Her Story and her truth was just an honest warning for me. I didn’t want to believe her at the time. Which is a mistake a lot of us women make because we are in denial. When we desperately want to believe otherwise. You deserve your flowers.”

At the high point of the social feud, Davis had just been revealed to the world following the first season of Love & Hip Hop: Miami, and faced major backlash online.

Her reps have stated that as a result of the backlash, the issue “inevitably held her back professionally, caused a lot of emotional distress in her personal and social life, created a whirlwind of cyberbullying, triggered her anxiety, depression and overall bruised her self-esteem; all while taking care of an ongoing health crisis she’d discovered”.

After much hunkering down and taking an extended social media break, Davis realised a newfound passion for music as a DJ.

This helped her channel her energy into something new and ultimately helped her re-discover and heal from the ills of the controversy.

“I appreciate the long-overdue apology,” she started. “This really helps to clear my name once and for all. Ultimately, I’m not a [vengeful] person, I let things go and somehow the universe continues to bless me.”

Now that her name has been “cleared”, her reps have stated Davis’ desire to utilise her talents as a model, entrepreneur, DJ and soon-to-be producer, allowing her to make her dent globally.

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