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Florida woman Lilniece Harris arrested for sharing ex-lover’s nudes on social media, threatening her

A Florida woman was arrested Wednesday after making threats against her ex-lover and sharing nude photos of her on social media, police said.

Lilniece Harris, 21, allegedly began harassing her ex-girlfriend after their seven-month-long relationship ended, with the victim saying she received a series of threats on Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp, Local 10 reports.

“I really hate you, you never cared about me! im gonna kill you im goin for first degree youll be dead soon give me the lo ill come up to that school and shoot you in ur f—n face they wont be able to find ya body when im done wit u [sic],” Harris wrote, according to the police report.

Homestead Police said Harris made additional threats to the victim’s family and uploaded naked photos of her ex online as retaliation when she refused to see her and blocked her phone number.

“You dont ignore someone who has ur nudes im finna expose this girl i sleep peacefully every night knowing that i harass this girl faithfully [sic],” Harris allegedly wrote after publishing the explicit photos.

The report added that Harris had been “controlling” during their relationship, with Harris allegedly demanding to know her partner’s whereabouts at all times.

Lilniece Harris
Lilniece Harris
Miami Dade County

Harris was arrested at the Homestead Police Department headquarters on Wednesday and booked at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center the following day.

She has been charged with writing threats, a felony, and for sexual cyberharassment, a misdemeanor. Officials did not name the victim, as the incident was filed as a domestic violence case.