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Little London residents appeal for cattle farmers to secure animals after cop dies in crash

By Kimone Witter/Dwayne Anderson   

Residents in Little London, Westmoreland are appealing for cattle farmers to secure their animals following three crashes, one of them fatal on the New Hope main road.

The crashes occurred in the space of a week and involved a car and two motorcycles.

The latest incident occurred about 8:15 Sunday night when Constable Tajay Ebanks, who was driving a motorcycle, collided with a cow.

Constable Ebanks, who was attached to the Westmoreland Police Division's Traffic Department, was pronounced dead at hospital.

It's understood that the cop had been working at the Wet and Wild party in Negril, and was on his way to Savanna-la-Mar with the hope of returning to Negril for another party where he was assigned to continue working for the night.

"Mi hear errks! When mi peep out mi see eh cow inna eh road and eh man, and mi run come out," said a resident. 

About an hour after the crash, one butcher from the community said he had begun severing the animal to salvage some of the meat, which he claimed was still fit for consumption since not much time had passed. 

Despite its usefulness to him and maybe some others, all the residents are concerned about the number of animals roaming these streets at night.

"The cow dem a create a lot a damage enuh, mi nah lie...and if we do ketch dem, dem aguh seh a tief wi tief dem," another resident lamented.