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Man accused wife of stealing $2,300

A St James woman who allegedly stole money from her spouse's wallet and slammed a car door on his hand, walked free from the St James Parish Court last Wednesday after the complainant indicated he did not wish to continue the case.

The woman was before the court on charges of simple larceny and assault occasioning bodily harm. The court was told that on June 15, the couple was at Westgate Hills when a dispute arose, during which the wife reportedly took $2,300 from the complainant's wallet without his knowledge.

It is further alleged that sometime afterwards, the accused was sitting in her car when the complainant approached her. A confrontation ensued, and the woman slammed the car door on the complainant's hand, injuring him.

In response to a query from presiding Judge Sasha-Marie Ashley, the accused woman indicated that she and the complainant were still in a relationship.

The complainant told the court that he no longer wanted to proceed with the case against the woman. As a result, the prosecution made a no-evidence motion against her after she pleaded not guilty to the charges.

"All the best to both of you, as marriage is not easy. Challenges abound, but there are other ways other than stealing and maiming," Ashley said as the couple left the courtroom.