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Mother of 7-y-o crash victim still seeking justice

It has been a year and three months since Monique Hill lost her only child, Dilshan McLean, and the distraught woman says the wounds are still raw.

She said that her days are spent locked inside her house at Caymanas Estate, St Catherine, drowning in unhappiness.

"Mi stop work, eno, because every time I go to work I break down. Mi deh home now and mi deh alone in the house. People say I must come out, but mi stop go road from last year. If mi want something at the shop, mi send someone go buy it. Right now mi a one big mess. Mi unhappy and mi can't happy again. A long time mi did a try have one baby and mi get mi son, and dem take him away from mi. He was a blessing and every little hurt weh mi get when mi younger, mi son erase dat. So what am I supposed to do now?" she asked between tears.

Dilshan, seven, was killed after he and a schoolmate were struck down by a female motorist outside of their school, Bridgeport Primary, on April 1. The other student survived.

Senior Superintendent Christopher Phillips, head of the St Catherine South Police Division, said an active investigation is still taking place in relation to the incident. He also stated that the police have also learnt that the female suspect has left the island.

Hill said she continues to seek closure as she lashed out at the female driver of the vehicle. She said that while the deadly act cannot be undone, she would have felt better if she had received an apology.

"I have never seen her ... . She not even reach out and say sorry. I am not saying it's her fault, because mi wasn't there, but she kill him and as a human, unnu don't even try to reach out to mi. I just want closure. If she had just reached out and say sorry, I would feel better," she said.

"Imagine hitting down my son and drive away leave him; and I can't help to wonder if the driver think he was not important. If yuh did take him up, probably him would live longer and I could get a chance to tell him goodbye," Hill added.

Having another child is not out of the picture for Hill, but she said she is currently unable to love another child.

"Mi would want a next child, but I don't see the father figure to give me a next child yet. Mi want see if mi can solve me son's death first before mi think about another baby. Mi nuh wah just go get pregnant and then the baby nuh get no love, because mi lost same way. I want to heal likkle bit. Mi nah go ever get over Dilshan, but mi wah heal little," Hill said.