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Sumfest2023 || Romain Virgo balancing music and blossoming Youtube career

Fresh off his energetic performance at Reggae Sumfest on Sunday, rising star Romain Virgo says he doesn’t plan on leaving his Youtube fans hanging. 

Through the popular online platform, Virgo and his wife Elizabeth share closer looks into their lives and their children; a practise that came as a result of the COVID pandemic. 

“I used to shoot a lot of things while on the road touring and visiting other Caribbean islands. So it was a part of the plan for me, but COVID came shut everything down. So after a while I said to Liz, let’s just shoot some videos,” he said.  

While the Love Doctor singer admits the process of starting was daunting, he says the feedback from their audience has given he and his wife the ability to keep at it. 

“Even now a days holding up the camera and just talking is a little weird, but we just started and tried something and people seem to like it so we just kept going…People really wanted it,” Romain added. 

With the harshest effects of the pandemic over, the Virgos have once again gotten busy, but still plan on returning to the camera soon. 

“I was worried about going back on the road and still to be doing it, cause Liz was working way more often, up to 24 hours. So it was not an easy task, and everything came crashing down on us. But the plan is not to leaving everything hanging. We are planning the how and when for sure,” he said.