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WATCH: Female farmer names donkey gifted by Gov’t ‘Prosperity’ Loop Jamaica

Dionne Blake, the St Elizabeth farmer who received a donkey from the Government on Friday to assist with her agricultural activities, says she is grateful for the animal and has kept her promise to name it ‘Prosperity’.

Prosperity is a word that was adopted by the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) from as far back as 2016 when it crafted, as one of its main electioneering slogans, the term, “From poverty to prosperity”.

Recently, Prime Minister Andrew Holness promised to assist Blake with the purchase of a donkey after the farmer made the appeal during a visit by him to North West St Elizabeth, pointing out that the donkey would assist her in travelling to her farm and transporting her goods.

The promise was fulfilled on Friday, as North West St Elizabeth Member of Parliament (MP), JC Hutchinson, presented the donkey to an ecstatic Blake, who took to social media app, Tiktok, to express her gratitude.

“Yes, I have received my donkey and I am telling you, my donkey is here to help me with my load, and I give the donkey name ‘Prosperity’ because I know that him (the donkey) ago help make mi prosperous inna life because first time when I carry the load, and when a finish, sometimes I feel like ants a bite mi between mi two shoulders,” said Blake.

“I’m so happy and glad,” said Blake, adding that she has also received assistance in raising her chickens, and also with a spray pan.

“… The Lord has blessed me with something to push me a little further, and I can do a little more work…, and I can come home a little earlier, and I can take care of my children a little better,” she explained.

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In the meantime, Blake implored young persons to use her story as an example to achieve success when given an opportunity by other individuals to pursue their various endeavours.

“I want to tell my young people, ‘Listen to me, when you reach to a stage in life (and) somebody give you the boost to climb, please push ahead and do more and more and excel’,” she urged.