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Will the Lesson of Death Ever Be Learned?

It is a common mistake for people to live in an idealized society. People constantly hide behind their knowledge that they are “good people”, that “they have done nothing to anyone”, and constantly fail to heed the warnings microphoned by the trends that others have experienced. For example, the recurrence of scammers dying because they flaunt their riches in a society that is characterized by poverty. Two years ago, Paul, more popularly known as Pablo Don Music, lost his life just hours after flaunting his wealth on Instagram. He posted a video of himself, then turned the camera to focus on his Mercedes Benz. In the following Instagram story, he showed his expensive shoes, watch, and a large wad of money. In the background of the video was a song with lyrics that said “u kill the man mek him gone lef him daughter”. Ironically, like literature to be interpreted by an audience, he suffered the same fate.

He died in the community his girlfriend lived in Washington Gardens, Kingston 20, though he is originally from Flankers, Montego Bay. That means he left from his hometown to be killed in another over the same thing others have died for. Apparently he visited the community quite often, therefore, assumably, people who have a sense of familiarity to him are responsible for his murder.

Some of you may argue that it is his so he can do what he pleases. That “if you got it, flaunt it” philosophy. That is not necessarily untrue, but people should always remember that actions have consequences. It is sad that we live in a society where we are required to be so careful about our own things, but what can you do? Life is not about focusing on the unfair. It is about playing by the rules, and if you don’t want to, you face the consequences.

Therefore, it is questionable why he chose to post all these things with the knowledge that there are people after him. Everyone knows that once you place yourself in the limelight, you become a target, so people in this position can rarely claim that they didn’t know, or they didn’t think about it, or they simply just want to live their lives. However, even if we decide to give Pablo Don the benefit of the doubt, he still cannot say that he did not know. Members of the community reported to have warned him on multiple occasions to be careful. He did not heed the warnings, as he has been seen photographed with his Benz on multiple occasions.

The same way you get it, the same way you lose it. You live by something, you die by it. Residents of Washington Gardens reported that they heard at least 10 shots fired that night before he was later found dead in the same Mercedes Benz he was posted with and warned about.

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