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Boosie Badazz and Yung Bleu Air Each Other Out In Record Deal Gone Bad

Boosie Badazz and Yung Bleu are feuding once again as the latter claims that he paid millions to Boosie, who continues to harass him for more money.

The two former collaborators have been beefing over the last year as Boosie accuses his brother and Yung Bleu of forging his signature and allegedly going behind his back to sign a $5 million deal which he didn’t give to Boosie Badazz. Bleu was previously signed to Boosie’s Bad Azz Music Syndicate before he moved on to a deal with Roc Nation.

Money has been the center of the beef between them as Boosie claims that he is owed millions by Bleu, and this caused their feud to heat up on Sunday when Bleu showed off a million dollars he earned from his recent Love Scars Tour on his Instagram account.

“N THIS N**** STILL DONT WANNA PAY ME” Boosie captioned a repost of the image. “AT THIS POINT HE PLAYING ME LIKE IM JUST A B****H A$$ N****.”

This caused a lengthy back-and-forth between both men as Bleu pointed out that Boosie and his brother had been beefing long before he entered the picture and that the Baton Rouge artist is dishonest as he’s constantly received money from him despite not doing anything to further his career.

“If tell y’all the real y’all gone think l’m [lying] so why waste breath? Just ask his artist what he about as a (ceo). He not a yo gotti! N***a [want] 10 million for not investing 1 dollar. Yo brother put up money! I gave u my whole first deal funds. 100k off the love and the rights to all my mixtape sh*t. And 50% split . And offered u 2 million. U went on vlad and said f**k my 2 million! Now u going back on the deal we made when I [blew] up. Saying we did it behind your back! we coulda walked away from your deal without giving u any of that N***a. Cuz u ain’t do shit in the contract I was paying for everything,” Bleu said, adding that “Roc nation told me I was stupid for letting u have all that when I coulda walked away from the contract it was VOID!”

Boosie also replied that he had helped Bleu’s career by lending him a Cuban chain that he wore for a year and a Rolex watch.

“U big cap n big u just dont wanna keep it a 100 everything u have a lying a disease. You so stupid everything u got I gave to you whether through tq r whether u was asking me for it. Yo promotion came from my bank account clown!! Them cubans you wore on your first couple tours was mines that u kept for a year. That wasnt his jewelry lol !! Didnt want you to look like a clown with no jewelry (u ungrateful),” Boosie went on to say.

In another long post, Bleu called on Boosie to provide the receipts for the expenses he said he incurred.

“Everybody wronging Boosie he so real right? N****a Show the receipts. I can show receipts of me giving u money (from Columbia, and out my pocket 100k each time ). U can’t show me sh*t back. U woulda been posted that sh*t show proof. That will settle it Boozie. If u a real ceo drop the books.”

He added, “I rocked that sh*t cuz it was from you never told no body that 10. I rocked out with u 5 years for free but I gotta family to! Your contract was no good N***a u ain’t do anything in it. You knew u didnt . I never signed a co-sign deal with u. Your company agreed to spend a certain amount of $. And after 5 years Instead of straight up leaving after u refused to spend money. I came to u with my idea of going to empire. I kept it real and let u own 50% of the new shit and 100% of my old shit to end our business peacefully. After that I went up and u going back on what we agreed snake azz N***a.”

Bleu also said that Boosie and his own brother did not get along, and he was in the middle of their feud.

“Him and his brother got a lifetime feud going on that span way deeper than me and I’m in the middle. They business was sloppy tq talks about it in a new interview but he still acting timid about speaking cuz end of the day they brothers. but l’ll tell ya with my chest. They business was f***ed up your brother started badazz and they been into way before I came along.”

Boosie also took a screenshot of an alleged text conversation from July (2023) where Bleu asks that the lawsuit from Boosie be dropped and that Drake’s label should be removed.

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“When we discussing him paying me my shit for them forging my name this dick riding ass n****a tryna GET DRAKE OUT THE LAWSUIT like really n****a U worried about drake,” Boosie captioned the photo. “Tryna get me to drop the lawsuit saying we can work together smh N**** I DONT WANNA WORK WITH YOU I WANT MY MONEY now u bout to leave EMPIRE THIS N**** JUST A SNAKE.”

Calling Bleu ungrateful, Boosie also brought up the artist’s recent marital spat, where his wife threatened to divorce him for allegedly cheating.

“You n***a, thats what street n****s do to lame a** n****s they no p**sy. U ungrateful n, you are a liar, n karma is going to catch you.I hope you get yo wife back with the coins you stole cause yo dick aint go get her back. You just dont wanna see me with my money. Then lie n say you sent me 50k when I was n jail. U #snake what day is coming? U never was go give me money, clown. Lol u were bluffing u; came back n said you aint have it no more; it gone!Now empire say yall did that forgery. They don’t have anything to do with it lol. Thats’s how they go do you until u make another hit. N they paying for your lawyers, so you getting put n millions of debt with them. Why do we argue? They are playing u like a duck. The whole world knew u was my artist. Me singing yo songs n sending them viral what got yo songs hot clown nobody aint know u n****a “ made people know u lol u tryna trick me off the streets bra u know u aint like that. U a cut throat artist, no better yet, just a ungrateful person. U mad at yourself for what u did cause you know you aint have to do that to me,” Boosie said.

Bleu also replied that there were no issues with his wife, whom he continues to sing about, something Boosie should know about based on his claims of having a hand in marketing his career.

“I got platinum songs were I [reference] my wife Boosie called ice on my baby go check it out,” he clapped back. “If u was tuned in you would no that I dropped that when I was signed to u u wouldn’t no cuz yen help market. [crying face emoji] that’s yo 3rd lie today. I made another platinum song to called unappreciated about her to [salute emoji].”