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Department of Constituency Empowerment Pop-Up Tents

To raise public participation in the democratic process, the Department of Constituency Empowerment has been hosting a number of Pop-Up Tents this week in constituencies 1 to 8 to hear from constituents.

Shakeema Halliday, Constituency Empowerment Officer in the department for Constituency 3 gave more information at a pop-up tent outside the Department of Labour on Thursday.

“Our mantra is serving St. Kitts and Nevis by increasing participation and enhancing life. So, what we are hoping to gather from the whole pop-ups that are throughout the island of St. Kitts, and Nevis might be included sometime soon, is that the constituents or the community members will come out and air their concerns, and problems, provide us with solutions so that we as constituency empowerment in collaboration with other departments in St. Kitts and Nevis can help to mitigate; and/or provide solutions to their problems.”

She spoke of public feedback, despite the timing of the pop-up tents.

“But some of the issues that we have seen is, um, we have the derelict vehicles, as we would’ve heard throughout the month. And we have bad sanitation, poor sanitation as we may speak. That includes littering, we have drainage [and] ghaut issues. Those are some of the environmental issues. But as we know, there’ll be more aspects to look at.

But because we are speaking on environmental month, we are just speaking to the environmental issues, but we know we’ll have other social issues.”

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The pop-up tents were held on Tuesday and Thursday.