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Football : Results Of SKNFA Matches Played Tuesday 18th & Wednesday 19th July 2023

Delroy Jeffers
Tuesday 18th July 2023

Division 1
At St.Mary’s Park Cayon

Match # 1 @ 6 pm

TGE Dieppe Bay Eagles VS Trafalgar Southstars
(Half-time score 1 – 1)
Final Score 1 – 2 in favour of Trafalgar South Stars)

Scoring for Dieppe Bay
Lashell Pogson 29th min

Scoring for Southstars
Deshaan Hewlett 2 goals – 22nd & 47th min

Yellow cards
Ronaldo Nisbett (Southstars) 9th min
Lashell Pogson (D’Bay) 14th min
Tarique James (Southstars) 28th min
Jabari Willett (Southstars) 68th min

Match Officials: Tristley Bassue, Latoya James. Andrew O’connor & Mekhalah Dillion-Sirjue
General coordinator: Shanwa Broadbelt

Match #2 @8 pm

607 Construction Lodge Patriots Vs Conaree Fireballs International
(Half-time score 1 – 0 in favour of Conaree Fireballs)
Final Score 2 – 2

Scoring for Fireballs
Detroy Samuel 12th min
Orlando Mitcham 52nd min

Scoring for Lodge Patriots
Joshua Liburd 55th min
Kimbo Romney 72nd min

Yellow cards
Samir Glasgow (Lodge) 45th min
Curtis Sargeant (Fireballs) 56th min
Beon Henry (Fireballs) 57th min
Calvert Chiverton (Lodge) 86th min

Match Officials: Kareem Benjamin, Byron Phillip, Tenron Henry & Davanna Claxton
General Coordinator: Derrick Fyfield

at Sandy Point Playing Field @ 6 pm

Newton Ground Vs Rivers of Living Water
(Half-time score 0 – 5 in favour of Rivers)
Final Score 1 – 7 In Favour of Rivers

Scoring for Newton Ground
Aukil Mills 48th min.

Scoring for Rivers
Oshay Phillip 9th min
Olamike Obajinmi struck twice 37th & 44th min
Ricky Tyson 39th min
Rory France 40th min
Glenford Percival 84th min
Kyle Hodge 89th min

Yellow cards
Deonesh Huggins (Newton Ground) 56th min
Glenford Percival (Rivers) 56th min
Oshay Phillip (Rivers) 63rd min

Match Officials: Judell Matthew, Raynic Bartlette, Alexis Joseph & Steadroy Douglas
General Coordinator: Cyril Ible

Wednesday 19th July 2023

Premier Division
at St. Pauls Football Stadium

Rams Village Superstars Vs St. Peters
(Half-time score 3 – 0 in favour of Village Superstars)
Final Score 4 – 0 In Favour of Rams Village Superstars

Scoring for Village
G’Vaune Amory 12th nin
Denis Fleming 21st min
Kimaree Rogers 39th min
Dahjal Kelly 76th min

Yellow cards
Shaquille Barzey ( St.Peters) 45th min
Dahjal Kelly (Village) 51st min
Hasani Flemming (Village) 56th min

Match Officials: Trevester Richards, Jaden Rouse, Tyra Wilkinson & Shandor Wilkinson
Referee Assessor: Kenni Martin
General Coordinator: Troy Mills

Match # 2 @ 8: 30 pm

Flow 4g Cayon Rockets Vs S L Horsfords St. Pauls United
(Half-time score 2 – 1 in favour of Cayon)
Final Score 3 – 2 In Favour of S L Horsford St. Pauls United

Scoring for Cayon
Evansroy Barnes 2nd min
Mervin Lewis 45th + 1 min

Scoring for St. Pauls
Nicquan Phipps struck twice 41st & 79th min.
Keithroy Freeman 89th min

Yellow cards
Kevin Benjamin (Cayon) 72nd min
Jovaughne Leader (St Pauls) 77th min
Jamal Jeffers (St. Pauls) 81st min
Dihjron Simmonds (Cayon) 85th min
Keithroy Freeman (St.Pauls) 90th min

Match Officials: Sanchez Bass, Mario Parry, Austin Bart & David Phipps
Referee Assessor: Jermaine Wickham
General Coordinator: Dexter Tyrell