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Harry’s Hollywood Hell, Now To Become Prince of Passion Projects?

Photo: WPA Pool. Prince Harry's wedding was a huge showbiz event, but now it is said that he has had enought and seeks privacy from prying eyes.

By Editor-July 8th, 2023.

Prince Harry doesn’t want to continue living celebrity life in Hollywood and would instead prefer to focus on his “passion projects” such as wildlife documentaries or travel in Africa, according to one royal watcher.

Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have been living in California since 2020 and have been producing content for big entertainment brands such as Netflix and Spotify, however the Duke may soon be “planning to take a step back” to work on what really matters to him.

The podcast on Spotify, called Archetypes,  was, frankly, less than successful in spite of having huge resources thrown at it, and there are indications that celebrities were reluctant to get involved with the project, or to be interviewed.

One source has claimed Meghan had her heart set on interviewing Taylor Swift on Archetypes, but the popstar politely turned down the offer, making excuses about her busy tour schedule.

“Meghan had Taylor at the top of her dream guest list and felt confident she’d get her on board. She really admires her as someone who embodies feminist values,” the source said.

The Sussexes last month confirmed their podcast deal with Spotify was over, however they still have various projects in process with Netflix, including their documentary Heart of Invictus about the Invictus Games for injured soldiers scheduled for release next month.

Culture and brand expert Rochelle White told Mirror US that staying out of the spotlight and focusing on philanthropy is where Harry’s interests truly lie, as it is Meghan who is more comfortable with public attention.

She said: “I feel that this is pretty much on brand for him. Meghan is used to being in the public eye before she even got with Harry, and I feel that out of both of them, she is the one that everyone would want to speak to and work with.”

Before marrying into the Royal Family Meghan ran a successful lifestyle blog The Tig, with rumours suggesting she could resurrect the platform and develop her career as an influencer.

Ms White said of the Duchess: “No matter what people say, she has got fans and people who are influenced by her style and life, and this could work well.

“Looking at past behaviour, I feel that Harry has never been a fan of the ‘celebrity life’, and I can see him working and doing things that mean more to him and that he enjoys.”

“He’s been open enough to make that clear, and I don’t want to say he will be doing passion projects, but I don’t think it will be far from it.”

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