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Avoid the pitfalls that can become your downfall!

Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

SOMETIMES in life we go on like it is we that is responsible for all that we have achieved in life. We seldom remember that life is a Divine manifestation, a Godly gift to mankind, a fulfillment of the Holy Spirit and that we are all members of the Tree of Life.

Success comes because of Divine intervention. Wisdom, and intellect, greatness and achievements are all gifts handed to us from a Divine source. Some people get lucky from early and realize their dreams and obtain success in early times, while for others it’s late in life.

But my warning is that we be not envious of the success of others, as that could be an optical illusion. Some people must stumble and fall and make mistakes along the way, even give-up the reason for life and fall-short of one’s purpose and commitment to life. Every mistake or bad decision is supposed to guide you in avoiding the same pitfalls that sometimes can become your downfall.

To stray away from good purpose, to avoid doing good and replace it with evil is all wrongful living.

There is only one truth, one right — and remember at all times that only good can be pleasing in the eyes of the Almighty, provided that you believe in Him.

Regardless of all your ambitions, or material success attained, if the presence of the Divine is absent, all your gains will be in vain.

We never know the time of death, nor the moment we will become wealthy or rich, or gain exceptional luck. Life also has its own plans for us and assuming the role of being mighty and powerful and not in need of your fellowman is going the wrong way and will lead to the ultimate loss of your very soul.

In today’s world, many choose lifestyles that can be deemed abominable and do not see the folly of their actions. So, many people think sinning is natural and there will be no consequences. But to those who think that they own life and they are the masters of their destiny, I say too late shall be your cry.

Choices we all have and our actions are always from our own choice, but let’s remember the universe is not of your doing; and to every action there is bound to be a reaction, and consequences.

Whatsoever you sow, that you shall reap; and if you do not take life for what it is meant to be, then yours is a lost cause. Regardless of all your earthly possessions, or acquired wealth, or status or position, not living in a righteous way will only leave you in perpetual pain.

So, trod cautiously, be careful of your doings, think before you act, look before you leap and avoid following trends and doing like the masses, because many are called but few are chosen.

Age brings wisdom and you can also learn from the mistakes of others, so don’t let your precious life be wasted in non-progressive deeds. Your memory, your legacy, your family-name, are all dependent on your moral compass.

So, my advice, as ordinary as I may seem, is to be guided by the Spirit of Good and never see evil as a means to an end. Just thank The Lord for small mercies, praise Him and be thankful for life.

Living humble or without the thrills of life does not make you less a person, so do not let criticisms or people’s opinion of you be your guide. Instead, consider you are the one to determine what course or road will uplift you.

Lost is the cause of many who blindly follow Man’s ways and actions and seek always a place in the promised Kingdom, because no other can save you, as it’s God’s will that is important at all times.