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Elevating Customer Service Standards on Island

Kim Eugene – GPHR consultant
Kim Eugene – GPHR consultant

Applying varying behaviour patterns to the customer service sector plays an integral part into becoming an efficient representative. 

Customer Service representatives on island, recently received hands-on training in the professional touch within the sector as part of the overall development of their work ethics.

Kim Eugene, a Global Professional in Human Resource [GPHR] facilitated the workshop that included a wide cross section of public and private sector workers.

The session was held at the Pastoral Centre, Marisule, where the participants were provided with the latest upgrades and mechanism to become proficient in that field.

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“We all understand that customers are the lifeblood of all companies and without customers, we fail to exist,” Eugene told reporters recently, aside the workshop.

“So, what are we doing as a company is to train our team members to be the best that they can. To give their best and their all in delivering exceptional care,” she added.

Eugene said, the customers are integral to employees earning a livelihood, and so “it’s important that companies, leaders, and organizations understand the relevance and importance of having those sessions not just on a one-off basis, but regularly because you have to reinforce those things every single time”.

“Because, essentially what we’re doing is changing a behaviour and if you’re changing a behavior you have to constantly be providing training over and over …until it becomes a habit,” she added.

The human resource professional said it was important for company representatives to familiarize themselves with the profession.

Eugene says she was appalled to experience the level of service offered to clients at different business places, prompting her interests in trying to rectify this matter.

“Is it an issue at the organization, is it an issue that the employees have not been trained …so what are we doing as a people to ensure that we provide the type of service and the training that is needed for employees, because they are on the frontline,” she noted.

Essentially, Eugene explained, “the aim of the workshop is to elevate the standard of care in Saint Lucia…and it involves every single organization on Saint Lucia. And so, whether it’s a small business, whether you are an entrepreneur or whatever it is, you are providing a service.

“But what are you doing to ensure that your customers return time and time again…and to highlight that customers are our lifeblood and that’s what sustains the company and without that we do not exist.”

Over the past 16 years , Eugene explained,  her job as a GPHR expert facilitates the provision of HR services to different companies, in various areas , such as ; organizational development , performance management, training and development.

She said participants at the workshop included employees from various companies that saw it fitting to send their team members “because it is important …to understand that the customers are our lifeblood. And not just to understand that, but to act (upon it).”