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King Issues Statement On Deterioration Of Roads – St. Lucia Times News

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Senior Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Ports, Transport, Physical Development and Urban Renewal Stephenson King, has issued a statement regarding Saint Lucia’s deteriorating roads ‘as a consequence of recent heavy rains’.

The government has faced a barrage of criticism from the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) over the state of the Island’s road network.

King’s statement on Tuesday observed that over the last two months, ever since the Hurricane Season began, there has been ‘serious deterioration’ of the roads due to predominant torrential rains.

The former Prime Minister’s complete statement appears below:

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Over the last two months; ever since the commencement of the Hurricane Season, there has been serious deterioration of Saint Lucia’s road network as a result of the predominant torrential rains which the Island has been experiencing so far this year.

Unfortunately, the efforts by the Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Transport to implement its routine road maintenance program have been marred by the adverse environmental working conditions caused by the persistency and frequency of both intermittent and torrential rain.

The Department of Infrastructure will however continue its concentration on unclogging of drains, culverts and clearing  roadways at this time, since it is impossible to conduct any serious  or effective road repairs.

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The Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Transport is continuing its assessment of the damage caused to the Country’s road network to date, in preparation for rehabilitative works, to be undertaken, once the climatic conditions improve.

Meanwhile, the motoring public is encouraged to drive safely and exercise caution when navigating the roads to avoid loss of lives and damage to property.

Headline photo: Stephenson King (Stock image)

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