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Pathfinder Foundation calls to set-up task force on ocean resources

Pathfinder Foundation calls to set-up task force on ocean resources

Written by Staff Writer

COLOMBO (News1st): The Pathfinder Foundation has recommended the setting up of a presidential task force on Ocean Resources as part of Sri Lanka’s post COVID-19 Development Strategy.

“Sri Lanka … should be ready to exploit the strategic location recognized by foreign naval powers for over some 500 years,” the Pathfinder Foundation urged in a statement.

It added that a task force must be set-up to mobilize the interests and ideas of the people on utilizing the country’s waters to its benefit.

“This Task Force should be mandated and empowers and develop a comprehensive multi-sectoral strategy to responsibly utilize our ocean and its resources,” the statement read.

It further said that sectors such as national and regional security, environmental and ecological protection, trade, navigation and shipping should be included in the mandate of the task force.

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