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KTA All-stars win Best of 5 Series

By Tumelo Maseka


KTA All-stars won the first Best of 5 Series finals by crushing Simple Talent 63:56 at the match that took place at LDF courts on Saturday afternoon.

Best of 5 series is the basketball finals where two teams compete in five matches, and the winner gets the crown for the Major Basketball League (MBL) Champions. However, only three games were played for the current finals.

It was a thrilling and entertaining game between previous playoffs winners; KTA all-stars and Simple Talent.

The game started with a trifling pace even though KTA did not take Simple Talent seriously, thus two teams exchanging baskets early in the game. In a rather astonishing turn of events, Simple Talent went all out with all their might to make a lead of 16:09 at the beginning of the game.

KTA had assumed that Simple Talent was out of their league due to a tough game they played against Shooting Ruffles, the win that paved a way for them to make it to the Best of 5 Series finals.

Simple Talent used their opportunity of having most of their players as runners to lead the game before KTA spotted their weakness. It was only later that KTA – the veterans – tried to cement their legacy in the MBL, using their extra ordinary skills and experience to equalize. KTA was undeniably avoiding the fact that they were to be labelled losers by young hungry men trying to establish their name in the finals.

The score was not much distanced for KTA fortunately kept scoring during their following two matches, KTA scored 20:17 against Simple Talent in the 2nd quarter.

Still Simple Talent used an “alley-oop” to bypass a strong and tight defence of KTA to lead. Now, KTA were realising that if they did ever undermine the play of Simple Talent they were going to lose the game. Having earned countless “foul shots”, KTA never missed any chances to score more baskets. The 3rd

Full time score was in favour of KTA with 63 points over 56 scores against Simple Talent.

In an interview with Informative Sport, KTA-All stars Captain Ratšolo Molupe elucidated that even though they did manage to equalise and even claim their victory, they were not fully putting their might in the game since there were to play five set games so there was no sense of agency for the first game.

Molupe further illustrated that Simple Talent was playing way better than they had anticipated, due to their swift run-up players and basket scorers who made it difficult for them to also claim a simple win over them.

“We were supposed to have won this game overwhelmingly, with bigger margin on score difference if only we took the game seriously from the onset,” Molupe stated.

However, Simple Talent Captain Bohlokoa Thamae said; “Despite being defeated, our team had a good play and the communication was also effective, and for that I’m very honoured.” Thamae made an assurance that heading into the next game, they will have to protect their lead to the title by scoring more goals.

“We need to improve our scoring rate, we scored only four baskets in 10 minutes and that is not a good record,” Thamae reviewed.