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This Evil Must Be Stopped

Another Look at Money

Money answers all things, it is a good thing to have money. Money is such an awesome instrument of convenience. It has taken a lot of respected men from their opinions which were powerful enough to change the world. It has an alarming aura of peace and cooperation. Dangling it before great men has reduced them to little puppies in search of bones. The puppies know that it is not good to be talking with food in its mouth, lest another dog will inherit its bone. May I reiterate it to you my friend once more that money is neither evil nor good, it simply aligns to the character of its holder. I look at the amazing philanthropic work done by such illustrious sons of the soil like Strive Masiyiwa, the Econet Telecom mogul. His generosity has not known any line of demarcation. He has certainly become a beacon of hope and a Knight in shining armour.

A Moral Conviction

However, the trouble is when money has you. We are all pursuing the holy grail of success in all facets and that is okay. However, in pursuing success we ought not to neglect the things which matter. We should not love money with reckless abandon. We ought to have a moral conviction which will make us draw a line in the sand. It is that moral line which will become our social barometer and conscience as we make decisions going forward. Without the thin line of moral ethics, we are not better than the beasts we call wild animals. That thin balance on the side of morality is what truly makes us God’s number one species. Remember the wise book says a lot of great stuff about us. The Psalmist even asks a very dangerous question, “What is man oh, God, yet your mind is full of him” That means we are at the very top of God’s creation because we resemble him most, since we originally have the DNA of God.

Responsibilities over our rights

Obviously, our elevated status on God’s social strata confers us with many amazing benefits. However, common sense tells me that where benefits are in place, they are similarly corresponding responsibility. Primary among those responsibilities is being the stewards of all of God’s creation including tools such as money and land. To whom much was given, much should be demanded. We ought to be people of values which are noble. Last week l was distressed to hear that some Tycoons in Dubai are shipping models from Africa to abuse them sexually including caging them and dressing them like dogs, not to mention asking them to eat human waste for a fee. As if that is not enough, the poor girls are also forced to sleep with the entire members of the family before they also sleep with serpents and other abominable animals. Money has really been elevated to semi-god status in the lives of our poverty-stricken kinsmen. But do we really have to go that route to become merchandisers of our own flesh and blood. Have we become senseless and barren to the point of being market sellers in suits and Pierre Cardin’s?

Money is not God

My heart bleeds for the senseless maltreatment of the daughters of the Motherland. What has happened to our sense of pride? Are we now fat cakes sold at every corner of Maseru? Is it okay to trade our soul and flesh? Some leader must stand up and step out of this cauldron of evil. Guess what that leader is not in England, that leader is right here in Maseru. It is the man or woman you see in the mirror. I dare you to stand up and do the needful. This is why l challenge you leaders to instil the right values in your children so that they are not carried away by the love of money. Money is very important, maybe almost as important as oxygen as alluded to earlier on. However, let us not become pedlars of wickedness in the name of looking for money. How many young people should Africa lose before this anomaly is brought to book? Money is an important tool, but it is not our God. It is simply that, money.

Evil is a product of our silence

At the risk of becoming a parrot, allow me to repeat it again, money is a good servant but a terrible master. Let’s not exalt money above character. Money in wrong hands is like a nuclear weapon in the hands of a blood thirst Putin.  It’s about time we become good role models for our children and our communities. We owe it to our country to make a difference and be a difference to the nation. Mahatma Ghandi, demanded that we become the change that we seek. Remember all it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to say nothing and do nothing, in short be good for nothing. It’s time we stand up for what is right and not popular. It cannot be business as usual it’s time for action and bring lawlessness to book. How do we go to bed without helping our girls come back from Dubai, they also have a right to a dignified life? We cannot allow them to continue being toilets of some mighty Sheikhs.

Can our Leaders become More Accountable?

This raw deal must come to any end. Our people deserve better, after all, we are all created in the image of the great God. There is no master race and certainly there is no master colour. Let Africa arise and rescue her daughters. Let our politicians arise and govern our people well. Let us all eliminate the stinking filthy of corruption and unbridled greed. Our communities are choking. I hear their collective voices crying that we cannot breathe. Let the ways of wickedness come to an end.

On a separate note, allow me to celebrate my wife of 29 years, Reverend Patience Msipa for writing a massive book, titled the power of a balanced woman. This is coming hot on the heels of her faith masterpiece, Faith That Cannot Be Denied.

May the leader in you rise as you help shape lives within your sphere of influence and responsibility. One good leader can make a difference. Jesus is Lord, rise and shine.  

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