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Organica launches Covicare pack

By Liapeng Raliengoane

MASERU – A local based pharmaceutical company Ogranica Global Brands has launched Covicare Trinity Pack, which comprises of herbal medicine range that is designated to offer patients symptomatic relief throughout the differing stages of respiratory infection they might experience. The launch took place in Maseru last Friday.

While addressing the attendees, Organica Global Brands Chief Operations Officer (COO) ‘Mamotake Matekane disclosed that during the Covid-19 pandemic era, they realized there is a need for Lesotho to be sustainable.  She said Organica Global Brands aims to reduce the intake of chemicals that are consumable in food substances, thus the intention is to foster and encourage an organic lifestyle.    

She said Covicare pack safeguards and helps people with symptomatic relief throughout the differing stages of respiratory infection.

Matekane further indicated that Organica brings nature into a bottle and with these products, they want to empower the Doctors and Pharmacies.  She held that Organica and Verve Dynamics Incorporated (VDI) work together to produce these medicinal products that are owned by Basotho.

VDI Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Richard Davies said VDI is a phyto extraction company that utilizes natural plants and sustainability is a vital process in their organization. He also pointed out that it is the first company in Lesotho to grow, work, extract and process cannabis products, using local ingredients which are inclusive of Cannabis, Artemisia, Eucalyptus to mention but a few.

Davies specified that this cannabis business is a totally untapped market and producing these products in Lesotho will ensure sustainable development of socio economic issues in the country. He put more emphasis on Lesotho being self-reliant with its natural resources and in this case cannabis, as it has put more people into schools and has put food on the table for some families. He urged Basotho to support this initiative.

On behalf of Organica Global Brands Research and Development, Dr Thuto Tšooana pointed out that they ran a survey for these medicinal products that treat all flu-like symptoms, they sampled them on people who had flu-like symptoms and those people recovered in few days, thus the aim was met. Dr Tšooana further said by using reports gathered, one is guaranteed that Covicare range will address other health issues and enhance the general well-being organically since it is herbal medicine made out of herbs.