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Shot in the arm for petrol attendants

By Mosa Maoeng

MASERU– In a quest to equipping petroleum industry employees with much needed service skills, the Petroleum Fund held a five-day intensive training for petrol attendants in Maseru.

Attendants were trained in Health and Safety, Customer services, First Aid and Firefighting skills areas. Upon the completion of this training, the attendants were awarded certificates for their attendance and participation.

Speaking at the ceremony, trainer and coordinator Ndikho Sokabo highlighted that they began this training in the Northern region through the district of Leribe then went on to the Southern region in Mohale’s hoek.

“We have also went back to make a follow-up and we have found significant improvement. Clients around those areas said customer service has improved effectively. This is the first training that we have done in Maseru and we will also come back to make a follow-up after 3 months. We are hoping that the participants will go back to their duties and transfer the knowledge that they have gained here to other workers,” he said.

 Sokabo further said that they worked on four different topics which are to apply and maintain safety in a working environment, basic firefighting, basic first aid and individual role in a work place (customer service). He further added that the first three topic encompasses health and safety in a working environment because people have been complaining about poor customer service. He stated that they also did practical training as it is important because some of the participants learned how to use a fire extinguisher for the first time. He urged employers to make sure that their employees go through training before they could start work. He concluded that these kinds of training are slowly going to change minds.

Petroleum Fund Operations Manager, Lebohang Makhoali, indicated that their main purpose for these training was to improve the services delivered in all the filing stations within the country.

“This is a great opportunity for the trainees to improvise their services in their different work places. Their working environments are quite hazardous, therefore learning to use a fire extinguisher is an added advantage in case of emergency. We want to make these trainings a norm, that will also assist filling stations owners to advance their businesses,” he noted.

Makhoali advised filling stations owners to capacitate all employees with these kinds of training for their own safety as well as that of the business. He further emphasized that, as the Fund they will frequently visit filling stations for monitoring and evaluation in order to analyze the changes that the trainees would have made.

On behalf of the participants, ‘Makhotso Manyokole exchanged a vote of thanks for being a part of the training. She added that there a lot of things that they lacked knowledge that were dangerous if they came in contact with. She said they will now assist each other at work even in their homes regarding first aid. Among other things, Manyokole mentioned that they encounter a lot of challenges in their working environments therefore these training was of importance. She said they are going to share their knowledge with their workers so that the companies that they work for also nurture.

This training comes as the last one in the range of the three trainings planned and held on the North and South of the country. These trainings are strategically set for the year 2022 in an endeavor to achieve one of the Funds’ strategic objectives thus, to equip employees in the petroleum industry with appropriate industry knowledge and relevant operational skills. To ensure excellent service delivery and enhancement.